Here are a few faces to get your day started.

These three hens are good examples of different comb styles. Onyx’s barely-there comb is one thing that makes this breed “winter hardy.” Opal’s upright comb was a tad less plump during the worst of the cold weather, but is now full and red. Misty’s comb, which turned whitish and shrunk during the bitter cold days, is back up and as crazy-looking as ever.


Onyx, a Barnevelder hen


Delaware hen

Opal, a Delaware hen



Misty, a Blue Andalusian


This face, a tad shaggy this winter, is now shedding.


Tonka, an 8-year old Paint gelding

All of these faces make my face smile.


  1. They are great faces…. I am excited I ordered a few pretty faces yesterday, I ordered a dominique pullet chick 3 Americuana Pullets chicks 3 Black Jersey Giant pullet chicks and a Black Jersey Giant Rooster chick

    • I hear that Jersey Giant roos often have nice temperaments. Let me know! Are you planning on starting a breeding program with them?

      • Everything I have read about them points to docile gentle personalities, And I plan to handle them often to encourage the gentleness… I would like to breed them … id you develop a good line they can go for quite a bit of money….

  2. That Tonka is the prettiest horse; never takes a bad photo (at least you haven’t posted one!).

    • Thank you! It is hard to photograph a black face against white snow. The new camera makes it easier. And, as you noticed, he has a classic head. I’m working on him being a bit head shy around the ears, but when I can finally trim his bridle path, (I’m working on head down and calm) he’ll look even better.

  3. Love the faces!! :)
    My Buckeye’s have barely-there combs too. They are a good bunch even in this cold.

  4. Those are wonderful faces! But what about Pip and Caper? They always give us such a giggle and smile. I always laugh because my 21 year old son, a police officer, often inquires as to how the goat boys are doing! He just loves their round shape and compares them to a “keg”! LOL
    -21 this morning with wind chill of -37…the sunshine is nice but seriously…is spring going to come this year?! Question: my delaware hen is getting a bit bossy and is pecking at my coo maran and barred rock…is this typical delaware behavior? This is my first time with this breed. Thanks much and stay warm out there!!

    • More portraits to come! Your temps put mine in perspective. The pecking behavior is more a symptom of the cold temps and the chickens not able to go about and forage. Keep them busy. I’ve got the same problem here, and I’ll be writing about it later this week.

  5. Durring shedding season will horses beg you to groom them like some parrots do ?

    • Very different animals with different body language. Some horses will rub their heads on you – a behavior I discourage as it can be dangerous to be shoved by a big heavy, bony head. Most horses do appreciate a good grooming.

  6. Beautiful birds and a handsome horse; thanks for posting.

  7. We hear another snowstorm is headed your way. You keep getting dumped on! While it’s been a record breaking winter across the country…I am so glad I took your advise on good ventilation, no heat (except under the water), plenty of windows facing south and time outside in the run daily. My 8 ladies have remained in great health. No signs of frost bite and almost 180 eggs in February. Thanks for all you do Terry! Everything I know about chicken care I owe to you.

    • You are very welcome. Yes, the temp dropped again. I’m about to put on my insulated snow pants to go out to the coops.

  8. Thank you for the photos! I LOVE Onyx, I think the Barnevelder hens are very pretty and I like the body style. I have seen they are starting to expand colors or something. Tonka looks amazing! I’ve been selfish and glad for your cold weather, it’s been nice to see the GEMS hanging out in their coop! Have fun with your camera and indulge us with more photos! Thank you for all you do Terry!

  9. I don’t know what I’d do without critters in my life. Like you, all their faces make my face smile. Do you do anything to get the ladies to hold still long enough for a head shot? Or do you just sit and wait?

    • Sit (squat) and wait. They know me so well that there’s no skittishness. Sometimes the problem is to get them to move away from me!

  10. Love the head shots….especially the Chickens, as I have not been able to get any of my birds. Of course I am by no means a photographer and my camera is just a small digital, but I sure admire a pretty picture. I am going to wait for a nice clear non-rainy day and try harder to capture some chicken smiles of my own.

  11. Love the photos! Especially nice to see Onyx. My 3 girls are Barnevelders, too. More examples for my jigsaw puzzle program. Thanks for posting them.