1. I just checked in on her website. Very beautiful! Nice to know of another Cape Codder with birds.
    Terry, I saw the feature on you in the Boston Globe magazine. So cool to see your name there!

    • I was quite chuffed about that! The Boston Globe does test the recipes ahead of time, so that’s a stamp of approval from a trusted source!

  2. My book just came. Love it! Cant wait for the girls to pick up production so I can try some recipes! I bought my friends little girl , tilly for christmas, its her favorite book!

  3. Terry are you trying any other book sites like read it forward ?

  4. I often visit her site after visiting you. I feel like I am on a tour sometimes. You both have great info

  5. I just ordered your book from Amazon. Can’t wait to get it and try out your recipes! Thanks!

  6. I hope I am able to find this here In Albany/ Amsterdam NY is it available in Large corporate bookstores?