Blog Tour Stop #3!

I am positively gleeful that my good friend, Lauren Scheuer (author of the delightful Once Upon a Flock) is part of my blog tour! When she comes to visit with have a very good time, our dogs play, and we drink a lot of coffee. Which is why I always forget to take photos. But Lauren, always with camera at hand, does take photographs. Go to her blog, Scratch and Peck, to see and to enter a giveaway for The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook.

FEGC cover


  1. Terry – that is awesome that Lauren can be part of this journey with you! Any chance your blog tour might take a stop in Omaha, NE to visit our backyard chickens? :)

  2. Just ordered a copy of your new book. So excited (eggcited)! Good luck with the sales.

  3. Love seeing Marky with Lily, Terry. You have really worked with her to accept other visiting dogs, I do feel sorry for Scooter that he doesn’t have anyone his size to come and visit and play.

  4. We love when Lauren comes to visit also! You introduced us to her and her wonderful illustrations when she came to Little Pond Farm as part of her book tour and took those great pirate pictures of Pip and Caper. That picture ALWAYS makes me laugh out loud! Have you seen her drawing of a hen sitting on an exploding egg? Another one that makes me burst out laughing every time I see it. Continued success with the tour!