Blog Tour #7!

Today I get to announce the last stop on the Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook blog tour – at Lisa Steele’s Fresh Eggs Daily. Hop on over and enter for a chance to win my book.

Happy Springtime, everyone! Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox. Not that the official transition of the seasons meant much here. Snow is in the forecast for tonight. *Sigh* Please leave a cheerful, sunny, “the daffodils are up” sort of message for me here. Together we’ll loosen this long, long winter’s grip, at least in our imaginations!

FEGC cover


  1. There’s nothing better than farm fresh eggs from healthy happy hens! Your book looks beautiful!

  2. It’s going to be 75 degrees here today. (not going to last long, back into the 50’s this weekend)
    My daffodils are about 6 inches out of the ground.
    The day lilies have started to emerge.
    The grass is greener.
    A few goldfish came to the surface last night when I was adding water to the pond.

    OHHHH, I have a Buff that has been broody for about three days.

  3. I have ten little fluffy 2 day old chicks, in an old empty stock tank. Everyone knows it is Spring, when they hear, “Go around to the back door, because there are “chickens in the kitchen”! It is the small area between the wooden dance floor, and the parent’s waiting room, at my dance studio! This is the 3rd year for all ages to stand and watch, and ooh and awe! As you know it becomes quite mesmerizing, and is a great way to put a smile on just about anyone’s face! Spring is here!

  4. I just got your book in the mail! I am enjoying it! Can’t wait to try some recipes….:)

  5. We have millions of orange California poppies and purple lupine blooming along every hillside and road. It is a gorgeous sight every spring. They grow like weeds…literally everywhere you look. Made for a beautiful trail ride last evening with my daughter in the 70 degree weather. Hope your perpetual winter is over soon.

  6. Our winter- long drought has broken and it is green everywhere – even the normally dry and dusty lower western slopes of our island! My hens are laying again and I had Surinam cherries in abundance on a ten year old tree that never bore fruit before. I wish you could drop in for a respite!

  7. I’m on the east coast, too. It was supposed to be sunny and 50 today. I woke up to snow! :) So much for weather forcasting!

    However, I was out in the yard day before yesterday and the daffs are peeking! And the hyacinths and mini iris! The amelanchier laevis and lilacs have leaf buds. And despite the unexpected snow, there was full throated bird song this morning. A sure sign of spring! Hang in there!

    Hmm. Someone knocked on the door looking for their dog. On the way back to the computer I realized it was dead quiet. A look out the window showed me nothing. No birds, no squirrels. “The Hawk” must be cruising my yard for lunch. Another sign of Spring!!!

  8. Here in the South, we had a harsh winter by our standards too but am happy to report that the daffodils are indeed blooming. I am fortunate in that I live on the property that has been owned by my family for 3 generations and has a couple of “old home places” on it. The old bulbs have multiplied over time and the flowers emerge each spring even though the structures are long gone. My grandmother warned me in my youth to watch out for the cistern as we went on our yearly trips into the field for “buttercups” and I never ventured anywhere near the dreaded but unknown “cistern”. I finally got my nerve up as a grown woman this year….I took my girls (9 and 10 yrs old) to the buttercup field to pick flowers as we do each spring and remember out time with mamaw (who passed away 7 yrs ago)….I peered into the thicket where my grandmother had motioned that the cistern existed…a mysterious area of doom…and there it was, under branches and old tin from a roof long ago removed…the divet in the earth that had serviced my family generations before and lingered as the legend of danger in my youth during some of my favorite memories…picking buttercups with mamaw.

    • I might add that I carry on the tradition and warn my girls every year…”Don’t go near that cistern!” I’m sure somewhere in Heaven my grandmother smiles.

      • Good story! It’s funny how adults say things that, to children’s ears, sound so epic and mysterious.

  9. Happy Spring! To sort-of-quote Peter S. Beagle: When the red, red hen comes bob, bob, bobbing along! :^)

  10. I just started noticing the green fingers of the daffs pushing up through the softening earth this past week. My snowdrops will be gone in a heartbeat soon. Can’t wait for Spring to…well…spring! Cause it sure hasn’t sprung around here yet!

  11. Finally, the Red Winged blackbirds have returned! Of course, we still have 2 1/2 feet of snow on the lawns and snow banks up to the eaves on the houses but we now have hope!

  12. Hey Terry,

    Got the first edition of your egg cookbook as a gift for my birthday. I don’t have a clue where she got it. I do love it. I’ve notice this new edition is bigger in size. Did you add any information or recipes(especially recipes) thinking that I might have to get this edition too. I don’t want to miss out on anything. Also, I’m a big fan of your notecards. I always find occasions to send one. Seems they are perfect for the funny time, to cheer someone up or the sweet side just to make someone appreciate God’s little creature gifts to us. I was wondering if your going to put out more cards with different pictures. I’ve bought the ones you have out. Just wondering, I am happy to get the ones you have out. It would be enough, but…….

    • PS- Doc and I never heard of Vernal Equinox before. Had to google it. Love the science we get here. Have always been a science fan.

    • 30 new recipes, some of the original ones were updated. About 20,000 more words – lots more about egg quality and an entire new section on chicken keeping!

  13. I have a problem I know two defnintely white rock hens about 4 years old , have become aggressive and are eating the eggs. It may be the interaction between the white rocks who are dominant and the leghorns who do not tolerate being bullied. The leghorns are about 8 or 9 months old . I did purchase Agway egg layer 21 percent protein, they have grit in their hanging feeders and in a bowl in the shed/coop.

    Any other suggestions, I can sell them to a farmer who will slaughter them for food.