Blog Tour #6!

My friends at Root Simple have are running a giveaway for The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook. If you haven’t checked out Root Simple, do. They have a small yard in Los Angles, and make the most of it. Erik is a master baker, Kelly knows herbs, and they both have very interesting takes on life and how to live it.

They’ve posted my Zucchini and Mint Frittata recipe, so go take a look!

FEGC cover


  1. My apologies for running the blog tour visit a week early! We’ll announce the winner next Monday. And congrats on the new book–it came just in time for a flood of eggs from our hens. Now we’ve got some recipes!

    • That’s okay, Erik, I imagine that’s what sunshine does to a person, makes them eager (we wouldn’t know here in dreary New England!) I appreciate you being part of the tour!

  2. It looks like one of the goat boys is bleeding. Maybe you can check him.

  3. Good! When I first viewed the cam, I think it was pip laying on his side with this bright red puncture like wound near the back of his neck. He didn’t get up for the longest time and I didn’t know how to contact you. Later I saw them both out on the stumps so I knew all is well. I think of them as my babies too!