Tea Eggs and Spaghetti Carbonara

A little while ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down at my dining room table with Jenn Stone-Grimaldi to talk about my favorite subject – good eggs. I’m doing a book signing at The Toadstool Bookshop in Milford, NH, an area covered by her paper. She’s a free-lance writer for The Telegraph, and also a mom of a toddler and a person who cares about what she eats. I sent her home with a carton of fresh eggs. Being a conscientious reporter, she tested recipes from my book. Later, she emailed me to let me know that she’s “ruined for sub-par eggs now.”

Here is a link to the article. In it is my recipe for Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.

Jenn also made my Tea Eggs. This is what they look like:


photograph courtesy of Jeremy Grimaldi

I’m so pleased that Jenn picked that recipe because it epitomizes what I try to accomplish with my recipes – simple, yet flavorful, and beautiful without being fussy. You’ll find 100 of them in The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook. Let me know if you try the Spaghetti All Carbonara recipe that the Telegraph shared!

FEGC cover


  1. I love her article. Great publicity!!!!!

    Seeing I work with city folk you wouldn’t believe some of the things they have said about my eggs. I really try to hide the dumb founded look on my face but at times it is impossible.

  2. Terry, can carbonara be re-heated or does it have to be eaten at once? I’d have to invite people over if I made a pound of spaghetti. Thanks.

  3. Made the carbonara for dinner last night & it was DELICIOUS!! Thought it might taste a little “eggy” and since I didn’t have any farm fresh eggs, I was a little concerned. It didn’t taste that way at all! I did make a 1/2 recipe since it was only my husband & I…thought we might have leftovers but too yummy to stop eating. I used whole wheat pasta and it was such a filling meal. Thanks for sharing & coming up with such easy and fabulous recipes.