The Complaint Line

Fifteen inches of snow, sleet and rain fell. A cold wind blows and swirls. There’s frozen slush on the ground. Veronica is in the front of the line at the Customer Service Department. Excuses fall on feathered ears. A resolution is not forthcoming.



  1. Well, I’m joining the line because HenCam is all black for me. No newspapers delivered this morning either. I guess I’ll have to do something productive this morning like cleaning.

  2. Veronica seems to be expressing the popular three-letter abbreviation for “pray tell, what is causing this unacceptable misery in our lives and when doth thou thinkest it will stop?”

    • “Where’s my warm oatmeal and toasty dirt bath, the service at this place is going to H$LL in a hurry” seems to be what I hear her saying. :-)

  3. Chickens must be a bit like cats. They usually have a complaint or two with management.

  4. Lots of unhappy chickens out there. I didnt ge wer much snow yesterday, mostly rain, rather the snow, rain makes slippery, mushy mess, but looks like more snow tommorow. I love winter, but looling forward to spring.
    I wanted to go to your chicken chat tommorow but have to work, darn it!
    Still looking for koop klean, bit no luck yet

  5. I don’t blame them for complaining but like them my complaining about this winter has fallen on deaf hears as well.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day! Is winter over yet? Beatrix, “don’t get me started!”. Owly to Beulah, “you can just keep your happy, little tail feather’s in the coop for all I care!” Nancy, “where’s the beef?”. Have a good one Little Pond.

  7. I just looked in on the `inside cam` and Betsy Ross and Phoebe are cuddled up together under the nesting boxes, trying to block their ears from all the fowl language going on.

  8. You are all right – they are cursing worse than sailors. Except for Phoebe, who in the worst of the weather last night had a happy hop-around. It’s only going to get worse. Tomorrow FREEZING FOG is predicted. I think I’m going to join the chicken complaint chorus.

  9. My girls want to go out, but won’t because they don’t want to get their feet wet…they are outside today in a covered coop but are cackling so loud, I wish they would stop because here in Plainville, CT. chickens aren’t allowed…I hope no one hears them. :(

  10. Ooookay. Just finished reading about Freezing Fog and Ice Fog. I’ll pass, thank you very much. Stay safe!

    Beatrix is on the top of the roost poofed up like a ball, raising up and down on her ‘toes’ and bobbing her head down at the others below. They are ignoring her. “I am Queen”? A Challenge? Translation Please! (My experience with chickens is limited to loose farm chickens at the various places I worked…)

    • Hard to tell without having seen it, but my guess is that what you saw was right after I gave the chickens a treat of leftover pizza. Beatrix is almost at the pecking order, she got a piece, but couldn’t get another and so is showing her displeasure somewhere safe.

    • The weird comment you are referring to is spam. We get lots of spam comments. They are usually automatically filtered out but sometimes one gets through! I’ve removed it.

  11. Oh Terry! I actually laughed out loud at your post this morning! man, you make me smile! What a winter…and I don’t think it’s over yet (really does look beautiful at Little Pond Farm

  12. The web cam for the “Home” blog hasn’t appeared in over a month or more for me….but can get all the other ones. Miss seeing Phoebe. What do you suppose is the matter?

  13. It seems that we in the UK are getting all the rain while you are getting all the snow. We have had record rainfall for months with lots of floods but your amount of snow is awesome. Keep safe and lets all hope that spring isn’t too far away.

  14. Terry do you think by next winter the girls will complain less or more whenever they see alot of snow fall ?

  15. I think I hear Caper complaining too? Stay safe and warm Terry and residents of Little Pond Farm!

    • It was so icy outside this morning that he slipped. Now, when a sure-footed goat slips you know it’s bad. He has a right to complain.

  16. This “winter” fun just will not stop. In the 20’s tonight… the 60’s by mid week. Beautiful in the mountains, snow everywhere…..but enough is enough!!! Hold tight and batten down at Little Pond.

  17. Sun is setting over green grass and my 16 beautiful chickens. About 76 degrees now. Toss your chickens in the back seat and head to loxahatchee fl.!!!

  18. And some more overnight! Chilly in Hencam land! We have beautiful sunshine today in the UK, back to some more rain tomorrow though, not sure which I’d prefer! Extra rations for all today? :o)

  19. Terry, I can see why your girls are in line to complain….lol! That was a good pic you captured. I watched your cam yesterday as it snowed some more. The mountain of snow you had cleared is amazing. Close your eyes and keep thinking ….SPRING is coming! =)

  20. Terry, have you been able to check in on Tonka with the roads being bad and all that?

    • Tonka is only two miles away and the roads are fine. Our DPW (Department of Public Works) is out there sanding and plowing. And, I have 4WD. This is New England, we’re supposed to have snow on the ground in February! No problems. I get to the stable at least once a day. However, the snow and ice makes riding dangerous, so I groom him and do ground work, but little riding. We’re eager for spring.