Dog Bed For Two

In my office there are two dog beds. One for the little dog. One for the big dog. Of course, this is what happens. Good Dog Lily looks a bit resigned to being cramped, doesn’t she?

dog bed


So I made her a bed large enough for two. Sometimes Scooter doesn’t get up from the couch that he sleeps on at night until almost noon. Lily loves mornings.

large dog bed


  1. I know the dog bed dilemma! I have 2 Dachshunds that alternate between beds AND blankets! One of them cannot lay down without a blanket to be covered up with! During the day it is a first come, first served basis, but at night I have to put them in their designated beds, or I lose sleep!

  2. I don’t blame Scooter for not getting out of bed until noon. I just as soon sleep until Spring too.

  3. Of course, the ever watchful Lily keeps an eye on the door/window! Stay safe out there in all the snow Terry and Little Pond Farm residents!

  4. Slush falling from the sky here on the south coast. Ready made slush. Good napping weather.

    Did you make the dog beds yourself, and if you did what are they stuffed with? The store bought beds seem be be stuffed with non-washable fill, which is loony.

    • Inexpensive fleece and washable fill. All it takes are sewing a few straight lines – the extent of my sewing skill. I keep them vacuumed, and they can go in the wash.

    • The penguin is an old doorstop that belonged to my grandmother. It’s not a plug-in. The plug is where I charge my phone. Obviously, I didn’t “style” for the photoshoot :)

  5. Luna our chihuahua doesn’t like dog or cat beds that we have on the floor for our cats. She will only lay on felt blankets. Does Scooter like to steal two or three large felt or fleece blankets and will turn them into a large nest. I have seen her drag quite heavy blankets and wrap all them around her, until the blanket pile is larger than her and all that sticks out is her nose. Scooter I am sure would love those blankets too.

  6. It’s snowing there (the storm we got yesterday) and it’s snowing here (after snow and an overnight ice storm). I’m going to have a lot of yard work this spring. But, for now, I’m with Scooter. Snuggled in with a good book, occasionally a cat in the lap and a pot of onion soup on the stove. Maybe later I’ll make some baked English muffins – my hamburger rolls.

  7. Lily and Scooter definitely earn their keep and well kept they are. Lily guarding the house and Scooter for being so cute. I have a sewing machine, bought brand new, and used three times. I’m going to have to give a dog bed a try. I can sew straight lines. We have a foot of snow in the mountains of Va and am spending the day with my daughter and cooking. Chicken, gravy and biscuits for dinner. Also, spiced apples and Texas cocoa sheet cake. Oh and I just made a boatload of egg salad. I looked up your custard recipe in the archive and can’t wait to try that. Hencam my new Pinterest!

  8. Terry! It’s hard to tell, how much snow have you gotten? It is about 1:50 pm here MDT.

    • If it hadn’t turned into freezing, sleeting, rain, we would have gotten 2 feet. As it is, we got about 8 inches. It’s heavy and dangerous.

  9. I have several beds for my puppy. He’s only 7 months but already 75 lbs! We have two large beds that he can fit on with space to spare but he prefers to lie on a small sofa cushion that he overlaps on both ends, lol. I love the bright colours of yours. I think once he’s finished growing, I’ll be making a couple for him.