Ignore the Groundhog

The goats say to ignore the groundhog.

goats with winter coats


The goats haven’t begun to shed yet, which is a sure sign that despite today’s thaw, that there’s a lot more winter to come.


  1. I agree with the goats, up here in the mountains of Vermont there are many weeks of winter left!

  2. I’ll take Pip and Caper over Phil any day. Of course, I’d take Pip and Caper over most things any day.

  3. LOL, Smart goaties!! When we had “outside” dogs we would watch them. Of course with our two indoor Corgis, the shedding goes on 24/7/364 so that’s not a big help.
    The ArkansaW Ground Hog has certainly not seen his shadow today, it’s snowing like crazy out there. I am truly hoping he’s right. I keep listening for my first sign…I listen for the froggies in the ponds surrounding us. Once they start to “sing” you know it’s almost over. You still might have a day or two of cold, but mostly it’s over. I HOPE to hear them soon. I am thinking spring.
    Stay warm Pip and Caper!! :-)

  4. I’ll go with Pip and Caper too! The sun may be shining but the temperature and wind chill say something totally different. I LOVE their winter coats. Looks like Phoebe still is wearing her big fur coat too! Terry, I have an off topic question, have you ever had a hen lay an egg while you were doing a school visit?

    • The hens would rather not lay an egg in the open, in a new environment. I’ve had a hen lay the egg in the car on the way home, but most wait until they get back to their nesting boxes.

  5. I think the boys are right: Another thing that says “not spring yet” is waking up to another 20 cm of the white stuff from yesterday afternoon and overnight. It’s been sunny off and on all morning too, so I’m guessing Wiarton Willy will see his shadow too.
    I’m curious about the black hen that’s been wandering about in the goat area with the boys over the past two days … she doesn’t quite look like Nancy or Misty, and her comb and wattles look like they have white tips, which I hadn’t noticed on either Nancy or Misty before. Is this a new hen?

  6. I saw you rescued Misty yesterday from the goat pen :) She’s back in there today!

    • Just saw Misty’s white earlobes close up on HenCam, so it must be Nancy Drew?

  7. I just saw Misty and Nancy in the Little barn run, and the mystery black hen in the goat area, so she must be new …?

    • Yes, all black hens are accounted for in the Little Barn run, so who is the black hen with the goats? Is that Onyx?

      • Don’t think so … I saw the mystery hen up close on the goat cam earlier when she was in their manger. She looked black, not dark brown, with no distinctive feather pattern like Onyx has. She looked like she had a bit of a blue/green sheen when the sun shone on her.

  8. From the Assisted Living residence flock! So she’s not a total stranger to the Little Barn Ladies. Can’t wait to hear the story.