As Expected

As expected, Scooter, who follows warmth the way a sunflower tracks the sun in the sky, found the perfect pool of light on Lily’s new bed.




Oh, Lily. What to do?



As always, Lily is a good dog.



  1. Hum…Lily’s body language seems to say it all. At least Scooter has moved over a little bit!

  2. Our cat would do that same thing on our Doberman’s bed. The poor dog would come to us with the saddest face and whine. We would have to pick up the cat and move her. Animals bring such joy to our lives. I couldn’t imagine living without them.

  3. I know in our part of VA when we had the really bad snow for us which was 8 inches, we had to carry chihuahua Luna out to her scrapped out potty spot. Otherwise she won’t go out, do you or Steve in the three foot snow have to carry Scooter out to his potty place to make him go ? I also am thankful that who ever had Luna before us, puppy pad trained her, so when the snow and ice is really bad, and I don’t know have go and risk falling since I have balance issues.

  4. If you turn the bed 90 degrees there would be sunlight for all. Just a thought. Scooter even casts a cute shadow.

  5. Terry, I am so happy to find you!! I just wish I had found you before I lost two hens. I thought I was doing so good giving the girls the green stems from the mustard greens – wrong. Their crop was terribly congested. We did an autopsy of both hens as I was very concerned about the cause of death since I sell my eggs. I love your home remedies and have given the girls the spa treatment. So far no more dead hens and I am very happy. Could you recommend a book that covers what things you can feed chickens from the kitchen/garden? Thanks again, Carol in Central Texas

  6. We resorted to feeding the numerous deer in our yard and neighbor’s yard, Rehoboth, Mass., is a farming community with many acres between homes and many farms. Several months ago during the sub zero temps, deer were atttempting to scale the chain line fencing (we have over 300 feet of sexure fencing around our 45
    laying hens. So, I purchased sweet feed and extra corn. So, far all is going smoothly,no more attempts to scale the fence. I also farm in the summer, but, have been able to prevent deer from consuming veggies by affixing irish spring soap onto poles, it works, also, the fertilizer mologonite spread quite a distance from the garden deters all animals, we also use it to fertilize our yard, As it is waste made into fertilizer.

    My husband was ill all summer due to lyme disease, bedridden for days, till the antibiotic kicked in. I repeatedly told him when you mow please put the high boots on and spray them with off, I think,beginning this spring he will do so.

    Sandi Ruscetta

    Rehoboth, Mass.