Northern Lights

I’m starting 2014, not with a post about chickens, but with a bit of miraculous beauty to set the tone for the New Year. This is a video that Steve took last summer while in Iceland with four Boy Scouts on a high adventure trip. This was filmed one evening at Skaftafell campground. The tents are lit by the rising moon, and the aurora borealis dances in the sky.


  1. Wow! What a great way to start a new year. Thanks for sharing your spectacular video.

  2. Have seen the lights in Alaska and Michigan it was awesome. Hope you had a wonderful week. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Terry and family! Hope we have another great year on hencam. I have always found Northern Lights magical. Great video and I loved the music to the dancing lights. Thanks for sharing Steve and Terry!

  4. Hi! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! I was looking for chicken articles and ran into your website. I’ve been watching your beautiful hens on the hencam, the insidecam, and a little bit of the barncam! It’s very cool that you have a 24 hour livestream. It was funny watching the bunny run into the chicken at times! I probably watched it for about a 1/2 hour because it was so entertaining watching your birds. Your Leghorn is very beautiful, also your Speckled Sussex might be one of my favorites too. We got chickens back in August, and they have been such a blessing. They give you healthy food, lay beautiful eggs, and they are fun to watch and take care of. We have 2 Australops, 2 Buff Orpingtons and 1 Wyandotte. A white Leghorn and a Speckled Sussex are a breed I really want to get, so that’s one of the reasons I admired yours so much. :) Anyways, thanks for sharing the everyday life of your chickens!

    • Welcome to my menagerie, Thomas! In my experience, Speckled Sussex are great personalities, and are always a welcome addition to the flock. Twiggy, my Leghorn is gorgeous, flighty and trouble – but my best layer ever. They’re all unique. You have a good selection, but, as you’ve found out, once you get a few, you want more breeds!

  5. Many, many years ago I was returning to Carlisle from western Mass on a cold night. When I got to Rte. 2, I noticed a glow in the northern sky. I was driving a small sports car and it was hard to see but I finally pulled over and got out for a better look. Green curtain aurora spread all across the sky. Magical!! It was fairly late and long before things like cell phones so I couldn’t call anyone to tell them to go outside and look. I think by the time I got home it was no longer visible but I will never forget that sight.