Peppermint Stick Goat

I was given a large peppermint stick. I had an idea of who might like it.

As expected, Caper took a sniff and declined, but Pip was game to try a new food that smelled like his favorite herb.



The hanging toy is supposed to make it a challenge to eat a treat. Pip was up to it. He crunched.



He nibbled.



He licked. He got bits of candy stuck to his beard.



Is this how Rudolph’s nose got so red? Alas, Pip still can’t fly.


Merry Christmas!

I’m taking a week off from this blog between now and January 1. I’ll be staying away from the computer and spending time with my family. I’ll catch up with you in the New Year.


  1. What a cute little red nose! Happy, healthy, merry New Year to you and your family!

  2. Pip is such a cutie!
    I hope you and your family will enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season and New Year.

  3. Happy Holidays Terry. Wishing you and your family (the furry and feathered ones too!) all the very best in the new year.

  4. Cute Pip. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday. Enjoy your time with your family. We’ll keep an eye out on the animals.

  5. The Goat Boys are so adorable Terry! Goats with fresh minty breath! HOORAY!

  6. Thank you Terry for the Christmastime smile you’ve given to so many people. Have a warm well-deserved break with your family and shorter friends.

  7. Pip knows a good thing when he sees it…….a wise man! Comfort, peace, and joy for your holiday. Merry Christmas from Tennessee.

  8. Your goat boys are so cute! Have a wonderful time with your family over the holidays.

  9. Happy Holidays & wishing you tons of fun family times….make so wonderful memories! Happy New Year too and can’t wait for Hencam 2014 :)

  10. Many thanks for sharing another year of all the animal lives in your life! All the best to you and yours in 2014 from a Canadian friend!

  11. Pip has a Rudolf nose! Love him. Have a great time with your family this week. Happy New Year.

  12. Have a Happy Holidays and lots of nice riding in the snow with Tonka !!! Maybe one year you will be able to take him to Florida like last year and on Christmas ride him on a beach with 75 degree weather and lots of sunshsine !!!

  13. You deserve a Holiday break with your family, and all your animals, too! I will look forward to all your blogs,stories, and pictures, when you start back again, in 2014. Thanks again for all the happiness and knowledge you share!

  14. Greetings of the season to you and your loved ones and wishes for a new year filled with wonder and happiness.

  15. I love your goats and your chickens, horse and you. Happy New Year!!!!!
    What is that round thing and that disc thing that you put the pepermint sticks into?
    I’m going to search the site for your dog. Have not seen him yet.

  16. So cute! I love that red nose.
    Enjoy the time off with your family, Terry. “See” you in January. Meanwhile, we can all still keep an eye on the girls (and boys) while you recharge.

  17. Merry Christmas Terry! Thank you for all your advice this year and for your wisdom, cooking skills and animal stories! They brighten my day. Happy 2014. x

  18. Hi, Terry! I know that you don’t raise roosters, but I was wondering if the hens have had a similar problem. One of my roosters, Feniqua, has a frostbitten comb and wattles. The tips are black. Is there still hope to save his beautiful comb? I know that you can rub Vaseline on the comb if frostbitten, but will this still work if the tips are black?