When Nesting Boxes Go Empty…

Of the Ladies, only Twiggy and Nancy Drew are laying daily. Twiggy does her business in short order. She’s in the nesting box and out again, as quick as a, well, as quick as a bunny. Nancy takes longer. She sits for about a half-hour before laying her egg. But, as soon as she does, she joins the flock. The rest of the day, the nesting boxes go empty. Or they would be…



  1. Phoebe is such a character! I recall seeing little Betsy Ross huddled down there in Phoebe’s ‘spot’ inside the Little Barn a few days ago.

  2. I wonder if Phoebe is picking up a bit of Candy’s sense if humor…it may be what happens when a bunny lives with a bunch of hens!

  3. Phoebe just might be the cutest animal on Little Pond Farm! I love her.

  4. Is something wrong with the hencam? I get a black screen with an error message. Also goat cam is not showing an outdoor view like it used to. Only a very close view of the basket on the wall and then a close up of the blue bucket.

  5. For our pasture coop, we made a 5 hole nest box to slide over the end of roosts, when little girls are starting to lay. It came in months ago, when the little girls did, but never got put away. It sat on the floor of the barn aisle. Our barn cat, Herkie, found a nest box was just his size, and being bedded with soft wood savings was lovely! Much to his dismay, I finally got that end of the aisle cleaned up, and now the nest boxes are out of his reach.

    • If Herkie is a good mouser, I think he deserves his own nest box in a warm corner of the barn!

  6. I have been trying to see if the Gems let Edwina join them to roost but it looks like she is still sleeping in a nesting box. Will she ever be a part of the group?

    • Edwina is nicely integrated into the flock. No one bothers her, and vice versa. Edwina is very, very old and creaky. On damp, cold nights she prefers to sleep in a nesting box. Other nights she’s up on the roost. It’s all her choice :)