The Best Winter Barn Boots

It’s been in the single digits here. Where the ground isn’t covered by snow, it’s icy or mucky. My summer rubber barn boots keep my feet dry, but oh, my toes have been cold! You know how much I love colorful, fun boots for the coops. Remember these? And these? Cute, but not adequate for tromping out to see my horse here:



Or taking care of the goats here:


That’s a narrow path, and the goats have a way of getting me to step off of it! My poor legs have been chilled up their knees.

I have a wide foot that is hard to fit, but finally managed to find a pair that makes my feet happy and keep my toes toasty.


They’re not the fun sort of boots that I wear in the summer, but fashion doesn’t matter when your toes are blue. I’ll be able to face anything that Mother Nature throws my way this winter. Still have to buy a present for the barn girl (or guy) in your life? Get these.

*I have no connection to the company but believe in keeping everyone who does barn chores happy this winter!


  1. You could wear the others but you need those warming packs they sell to skiers for boots and gloves…or even better a pair of those battery-powered boot warmers. I think you are stylin’ it anyways with those red pants. Very nice!

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of my Micro Spikes too. You slip these over your boots and they give you traction on the snow and ice. I took a really nasty fall last year on some ice and now I swear by my Micro Spikes.

  3. I hear you! I bought some similar boots from The Muck Boot Company brand, that are warm, and most of our farm supply stores seem to have them on sale quite often. Mine aren’t as tall….But I was able to get pink and black checked ones!

  4. Terry, nice feet togs! I just wanted to say that Tonka does indeed have a beautiful, kind eye, just like you said. What a gem.

  5. Those are a great find. My husband and I live on a small farm/ranch and got boots this year, what a great investment, they keep our feet warm and dry in the snow, mud and very cold temps. My husband got “Mucks” which are black, and I got the “Bogs” which has a variety of colorful patterns on them, mine have flowers. :-)

  6. Happy feet!! Sure does look to me like the Goatie Boys are smiling. I’m so happy to see that Tonka has a nice warm coat. Perhaps a knitted one too?