Boots! And Other News

I found these inexpensive rubber boots on sale at Sears. They’ll take me through the next couple of months until I switch to my hard-core snow boots (which are toasty and dry but not conveniently slip-on).

I got the boots just in time. There was a hard frost yesterday morning, and a cold, driving rain, and possibly snow is predicted for the remainder of the week.

Meanwhile, it appears that Garnet is no longer pulling out Jasper’s feathers.

Four Gems are laying.

I harvested the last of the kale from the vegetable garden.

Winter is on its way!


  1. you always find the absolute most cutest boots!! you’re so lucky to have FOUR layers! i only have two, but they are steady and i am grateful :)

  2. uuhhh…that would be “…on *its* way…” (retired editors never quit!)

  3. Hello Terry!,Just popped over from another chicken blog to see your hen cam… so cool! I’m a new England Chicken keeper too! come meet The Cottage Hens some time at Dandelion House!
    Love your site and your books look fab!