Snow Bunny Video

Phoebe is loving this snow! While the other animals keep to the coop and the packed paths between snow piles, Phoebe is exploring. I find bunny footprints everywhere.


Phoebe is letting her bunny-imagination run wild. She’s thinking about tunnels and excavations.

Have fun, Phoebe!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Thank you for sharing the video Terry! Phoebe’s markings remind me of a Siamese cat! Looks like she is getting the hang of the snow! HAVE FUN PHOEBE!

  2. She’s hilarious! I checked in to the hen cam last night just after dusk, and at first saw nothing but snow (much like in our backyard) … and then Phoebe’s head popped up along the run’s fence line to survey her surroundings. She disappeared for a few moments and reappeared a little further along, just checking everything out. She looks like one happy bunny.

  3. Exellent sweety bunny-she is a Winter Star:)
    I love your blog, you are a very human, forte sympatic person. You changed in my minde the picture about America.
    With love from France

  4. You can certainly see her against the snow easily. And yep she is like a siamese cat and as she ages she will get dar ker on her points. Terry, I did a bit more research on siamese colored like rabbits, and I think I was wrong on thinking she was a himalayan. I think she could be a siamese satin mix rabbit instead.

  5. Awwww, so sweet. Wish I had a bunny! I watched her the other day smacking and digging in the chicken feeder. I couldn’t tell if there was uncooperative chicken feed or if she was just having fun smacking the feeder around and making a mess!

  6. I’ve noticed that you keep your bunny with your hens! I read your FAQ section on it, but I have one question since I would love to have a similar set-up.
    Does she get really dirty? I mean, running around in the coop and all? Does she clean herself or do you bathe her?

    • I keep my coop mucked out weekly, so it is quite clean. The rabbit has a litter area outside, so that keeps things tidy, too. Still, there is manure and mud. I wouldn’t keep a long-haired rabbit outside around chicken manure, and lops do have issues with dirty ears. But, otherwise, the bunnies can keep themselves clean. No baths needed.