Nursing Home Hen Article

The nursing home management, staff and residents continue to be delighted at the coop and hens that I helped to install this past summer.

(This photo is from warmer days. I need to stop in to see how they’re doing in the snow!)



The program was recently written about on It’s an excellent article that captures the spirit and the possibilities of using chickens in facilities that care for the aged. Read, enjoy and share. Hopefully, it will inspire other nursing home directors to do what Ellen Levinson has done at Life Care of Nashoba Valley.

Click here for the article.


  1. Great article and wish more senior living places made room for animals along with their residents. Animals are such amazing gifts that truly bring joy into our lives….be we young or not so young! Such blessings.

  2. I certainly agree! 20 years ago I worked as a social worker in a long-term care facility. Living in such a rural state (Vermont) many of the residents came from farming communities. We had one resident that missed her farm animals terribly, so her elderly cousin brought in one of her sheep from the farm to visit regularly. That was quite a sight! A large white wooly sheep on a lead walking up and down the hallways of the nursing home! Everyone loved it, including the staff.