The Goats Garden

All summer long, the goats offered to help in my garden.

We’re good at pruning, they said.

Yesterday they were finally allowed to help in the lavender and mint bed.




There was a debate about who is head gardener.



I can show you my pruning skill on the roses, said Pip.

No, I said. And that is why the gardeners are wearing leashes.


  1. I love the blogs on the goat brothers! I pruned a knockout rose and fed the clippings to my 2 goats in 3 piles, over 3-4 days. They ate the blooms, hips, stems and thorns! There was only a handful of remains! I picked all my green tomatoes and peppers before the frost, and I keep them in the garage. I give the goats a pepper, or tomato, daily! I didn’t know they like lavendar, I will give them a small amount of that, too!

  2. Goats with minty fresh breath! The goat boys are just adorable Terry. Love the head butts!

    • They do. There’s a fine, dense layer under the longer coarser hairs. And did you know that digestion in their four tummies creates a natural furnace? It generates heat and keeps them warm, too.

      • Didn’t know about the natural furnace, interesting. I know their left side bulging out after eating, means their digestive system is working well!

          • Right! Oh how I love to pet that thick fur and hug my sweet boys! I just had to have these boys because of you sharing Pip and Caper, you know! I got them Easter Sunday and they will be a year old in Jan.!

  3. Wow the goats eat the thorns too! Wish I had room for a few goat gardeners. And funny that they like lavendar. I love reading about the boys. So interesting.

    • The goats would much rather browse on thorny things than graze on lush grass pasture. But, my goat maid mentor has told me that goats often get mouth abscesses because of this habit!

      • Ouch! I wondered how they kept from hurting their mouths! Hopefully since I limit such eating, they will be okay!

  4. Thank you for providing such fun reading. It is such a nice break for me when I am feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed.