A Goat Platform

Goats love to climb. They like to doze on up-high platforms. Pip has his bench, but Caper has been stuck with a low-lying rock. (Pip does not share.) My friend, Lauren Scheuer, (author of the charming Once Upon A Flock) lives for an excuse to wield a power tool. I lured her here with 2-inch screws and hot coffee. She brought her famous dog, Marky.



I had a pallet and some logs. Lauren travels with spare boards. She set to work.



The goats had to watch from the pasture. Goats and power tools are something that you never, ever want to mix.



In no time at all, Lauren had constructed a goat platform. The goats checked it out.



Different ways to get on and off it were explored.



obedient goats


The goats approved.

elegant boy


It’s big enough that I can sit with them, which at first I thought would be a sweet thing. However, Pip had a distant memory of being a little baby goat and sitting on my lap. Just after this photo was taken, he settled all hundred pounds down on me. I told Pip that was not a good idea!

lap-goat (1)


The platform is sited right behind the stumps. It’ll be interesting to see which goat stakes a claim to it. My guess is Pip. He wants everything. What will Caper do? Stay tuned!


  1. So much fun for your boys! Brings back memories of our dog playing on the kid’s climbing fort & slide. Many happy hours of play for all.

  2. I looked at the first photo and thought “what is Marky doing on your blog?” All was soon revealed. Another lovely post. The goats are so much fun but I can imagine what it feels like to have one sat on your lap. They are so loving though.

  3. Same thought about Marky! What fun, they can’t jump off and over the fence can they? The picture of you and Pip is priceless.

  4. Love the shot of them both jumping.
    We have a life long family friend that had a goat (can’t remember the goats name). They had a long windy gravel driveway. When the goat heard a car coming he would run up onto the back deck (second story), up onto the seat of a built in bench, up onto the roof and to the peak and watch to see who was coming. Friend or Foe? ;-)
    It was hilarious to come around the corner, through the trees and see this goat standing on the peak of the roof.
    He also head butted his way through the patio door once as well.

  5. In my goat filled childhood our goats, standard size so no laps allowed, sat behind me with their head over my shoulder while I stroked their necks and wattles, so soft. sweet memories in my old age.

  6. Great post as usual, Terry! In the third photo, Pip’s expression indicates that he is doing the math, calculating an escape. You and Pip and Caper are really making me want goats! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Clue us in the Midwest as to who this “famous” Marky is! He’s a gorgeous dog! What breed?

  8. Terry,
    Hello from Nova Scotia!
    I “stumbled” upon your blog when I was searching the internet for a remedy for my little silkie’s not so healthy looking vent, and discovered your Epsom salt cure. Thank you for that, by the way.

    I so enjoy reading your posts and comments, thoroughly entertaining and educational at the same time.
    Love it!

  9. Such nice care for goats!! They look happy and satisfied with what you have provided :) And also, your pictures are beautiful! Good luck with your animals, I will be checking your blog more often :)