1. Aw, she is so cute! I can’t wait to see if she likes to dig snow tunnels like Empress Candy.

  2. She’s gorgeous. Glad you shared such a great pic because she seems a bit camera shy. I think she spends much of her time tucked in the little barn but out of camera range and then scoots to her borough. So I only catch her in transit and sometimes nibbling on goodies in the run.

  3. I happened to catch this morning’s photo session and saw Veronica, Owly and many of the other literary ladies attempting to get in the pictures. Perhaps they thought you were aiming for a “class picture” Terry? In spite of all that activity, you managed to get a lovely photo of Mistress Phoebe!!

  4. I love watching Phoebe’s daily antic’s! Especially when she goes charging up the ramp pushing the hens this way and that. She looks beautiful in her Winter coat! You can tell she is one happy bunny!

  5. I’d been checking HenCam in the evening about a week or so ago, hoping to see that toad. Around 7:45 HenCam time, there was Phoebe, hanging out with Pip & Caper…and along came the toad! Maybe Phoebe’s a bit of an evening gal.

  6. I agree with Jean. Glad your shared her photo as I don’t see too often on the cameras. She is so adorable. Does she ever sit with you in your lap?

  7. Her colouring is beautiful, My Indy has grown so quick, I’m not sure if he is a mini lop or French lop he is 6 months or so and probably 7ish pound I do t know when they hit full size how big was Candy and what kind.of lop … he is.quite the charecter.

  8. Phoebe is a beautiful rabbit. I laughed when I saw this photo…she looks like a little “Thug Bunny”. Bring it on, indeed!

  9. I think I’m suffering the same malady as Phoebe. The extra layer of fat, now I know! Phoebe is a cutie!

  10. Hi all- a few comments on your comments-
    Phoebe isn’t camera shy – rabbits are crepuscular, which is a wonderful world which means that she is active in twilight hours. Watch at dusk and you’ll see an active bunny!
    I have not gotten her to sit in my lap, but I haven’t put the time into it. Also, it’s nigh impossible to train a rabbit that always has a full belly and that lives in such an interesting and distracting place. Phoebe, has, though, been trained to come inside at night (she’d rather not, remember, she’s crepuscular!) for a banana chip.

  11. Hi Terry,
    I just have to say how much I enjoy visiting your site! We live out in Western MA with our two rabbits, 16 hens, 1 rooster and two dogs. Our rabbits are a bonded male-female couple, both around 2 years old, they live inside our house but I so enjoy watching Phoebe interact (or not) with the hens. Enjoy the beautiful Fall!
    Amy Gray