GO Red Sox GOats!

Here at LIttle Pond Farm we are all members of the Red Sox Nation. Of course, we were very excited about the win last night.

The goats have a special affinity for this year’s team. How could they not when the Red Sox look like this?



The players even pull each other’s beard in jest, just like the goat brothers do.

So, this morning, Pip and Caper showed their Red Sox loyalty by donning baseball caps. Pip stuck out his tongue at the competing teams.

REd Sox pip


Caper looks jaunty and sporty, doesn’t he? He has everything that he needs to be a Red Sox superfan. Hat. Beard. Attitude.

caper in hat


Go Sox!

(Of course, being goats, they needed a little help (and bribery) getting dressed this morning. Gizi, in France, happened to be watching and took this screen shot. It’s always fun to see behind the scenes action of the famous, isn’t it?)



  1. I’m a Red Sox fan as well…living in RI and all….it’s hard not to be ;) But I like Pip and Capers beards MUCH better than the team members beards. Some of them look like they just crawled out from under a rock! lol
    Love the screen shot! Happy Wednesday!

  2. What handsome young lads. My guess is they would love an outing to the ballpark. Lots of peanuts, Cracker Jack, hotdog buns, nachos OH and don’t forget a little cotton candy for the sweet tooth. Last but not least lots of scratching from admiring Sox’s fans.

    By the way I’ll be at the deciding game of the STL Cards series tonight. My brother works in the marketing department for Anhueser Busch and invited me. I’ll be about 10 rows up from the Cards dugout. Tune in an look for me, I’ll be the one with a Cardinals jersey on. ;-)


  3. What a wonderful way to start the day with these pictures of the boys!! Someone should send them to the Red Sox organization. Maybe this could be their Halloween costume, with shirts and a ball and bat!

  4. The Boys look dapper! Never know what you are going to see when you tune in to HenCam. It’s like embarking on an adventure! Made my morning.

  5. I love it when pet owners do goofy things with their pets. It tells me they’re engaged with their animals, have made them a real, integrated part of their lives and see them as extensions of their family. Love it. (Plus, when you’re as handsome as the goat boys, who can resist?)

  6. The goat boys’ beards are much neater than the Red Sox boys, except maybe for Ortiz. His is quite neat, and it’s funny when his team mates try to pull his beard! GO SOX all the way to the World Series win.

  7. Add some red socks to their hoofs and a red throw across their backs with the Red Socks written on it, along with their ball caps and they would be the talk of your town for halloween!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Terry, I LOVE the Goat Boys! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today!

  9. Really laughed out loud at these pictures. As much as I am a Pip groupie, you have had some fabulous pictures of Caper lately. I love his contemplative expressions. What a sweetie. Now if they just made little tiny Red Sox caps for hens…….

  10. Wondering f molting affects Pecking order. Everyone seems fine, but my NHR who was on top has dropped down to 4th. I saw her back dwn from food from 2 of Glw. No injuries, everyone getting along. But the order definitely changed and wondering if ths is normal. She is in a soft molt. My maran is havinga hard molt but but still seems very outgoing and holding her own.

    • Good observation. It sometimes does. Onyx, my Barnevelder who is mild-mannered anyway, went through a naked molt last year, dropped to the bottom of the pecking order, and never recovered her previous status.

      • I also find hens that go through what I call a “hard” molt (loosing a lot of feathers in a very short period of time) as being “off”. They just don’t act right. Almost like they are in pain or something.