Just to the outside of the Little Barn pen are flower pots and ferns. There is also one very welcome resident. Do you see it?



During the day, this toad rests in a depression in the cool earth. At night it comes out to eat. Now that the HenCam broadcasts in the dark, many of you have seen it hopping in the chicken run after the ladies have gone to bed.

According to this site, 88% of the toad’s diet are invertebrates that are classified as agricultural pests, including slugs and wasps. Good toad!

Although wild animals often have short lives, and this amphibian is no exception, a toad can live a long, long time, up to 40 years. The hefty toad in residence near the barn is obviously well-fed and mature. I hope to see it’s handsome face for years to come.



  1. I had to stare at the first picture for 5 full minutes before I found him. He sure does blend! My son and I like to find toads in our yard….usually they are pint sized ones that we see hopping around the yard during the day. We’ve even made a “toad house” for them :) One night when we went out to star gaze, we came across a huuuuuge one hopping around in our driveway! He must have been out hunting.

  2. How very fortunate you are to have a resident toad consuming nasty slugs and such! He is handsome….in his own way!

  3. He is a beaut. We try to keep one in our rock garden every year. Seems I always had a pet toad somewhere and it passed on to my children. And alas, my granddaughter found a very small one and named it Dexter last week. Funny how some people can like these guys, but dislike snakes. Have you named him?

  4. Cool toad! The big toads are generally the females, so you might want to pick a girl’s name.