Warhol Goats

While we were away the GoatCam finally gave up the ghost and died. Over the few days that its circuits went bonkers, the GoatCam got artistic. For awhile a gallery of Warhol Goats were streamed online.



IT Guy Steve spent yesterday morning replacing the cam. I assisted by getting the goats into the pasture and closing the gate behind them. They do like *helping* with tools, but for some reason Steve thought he could do a better job without them supervising.

So, the GoatCam is now back up and running, albeit a bit less colorfully than last week. We’ll be purchasing new cams, like the spiffy HenCam model, in the next few months. Your support via the coffee button, and through my store, helps us to keep the livestreaming cams in the realistic school of art and not in pop art. Thanks!

Update: due to popular demand, T-shirts and gifts with this image are now available from The HenCam Store!


  1. I agree with ‘make a T-shirt’! What a great photo. Will look forward to new, improved streaming goats.

  2. Print the Warhol goats on something and sell them!! Great fundraiser.

  3. Though the picture is very colorful, I would prefer a t-shirt with the boys’ picture in real color.

  4. Terry, you haven’t explained a couple of things. The current Goat Cam doesn’t swivel? I was trying to see what happened to Phoebe’s hutch and was counting on the paddock view toward the han cam. So where is the rabbit hutch?
    I missed the Warhol goats – just had a black screen when I checked in.

    • The GoatCam still swivels. Two views. A little more view of the stumps so that you can see the goats do their tricks (that’s where I feed them their treats.) The rabbit hutch is in storage. Too much chicken poo landing on the roof.

      • re: the rabbit hutch, LOL – that’s what I suspected. It was a *very* popular spot any time I popped by.

    • Carolyn, the camera was stuck when you posted. I fixed it and it’s now scanning properly. Thanks for noticing!

      I.T. Guy at The HenCam

  5. Genius deduction! That’s like—- got lemons, make lemonade! Messed up camera scenes—-Warhol art!!!!!! Love it!

  6. I thought you had upgraded to an infrared heat sensing camera with night vision ;-P

  7. I like the Glowing Goaties better than anything Andy did…instead of Pop Art you’ve got Pip Art!

  8. I agree with the T-shirt. Not the background color, though.

    Where’s the bunny hutch?

  9. I’ll buy a t-shirt. I liked the funky chicken coop design. Maybe something along that line. My 2 yr. old granddaughter wants one too.

  10. Love the Warhol goat image. So many possibilities for what to do with it besides t-shirts too: mugs, s/s drink containers, coasters, tote bags, key fobs, hats, umbrellas … :-)

  11. It’s conclusive: the boys can’t help themselves but be delightful even when their camera is on the fritz. :-)