Licorice for Goats

Even as a child, I preferred fresh, ripe fruit over candy. So, although I indulge in treats for my goats, I’m not wont to give them junk food. It’s not good for them, and since I don’t crave it, I don’t feel that I am keeping them from some unique and amazing delectable treat. Lately, however, I’ve been told by an experienced goat keeper (whom I greatly respect), that goats love licorice. Black licorice. And that I was being stingy and mean-spirited for not providing a bag of this candy for the boys. Then, in one of my favorite goat blogs, I read that this farmer also gives her goats black licorice. I gave in and bought a bag.

The goat boys always anticipate that something good is coming their way when they’re asked to get onto their stumps.



However, they can be quite suspicious of new foods, and they are fussy. For example, Pip likes tomatoes, but Caper doesn’t, whereas Caper likes a certain prickly weed that Pip won’t touch. But, they both agreed that black licorice is yummy. They wagged their tails and smacked their lips.



But, was this munching and crunching any different than when handed green beans?



Nope! They like the green beans just as much, and, in fact, did some joyful burping while snacking on them.



Methinks those other goatmaids are buying licorice for their goats just so that they can have some for themselves. Honestly, I had a piece or two of the licorice, which I confess that I like it much more than overgrown green beans. We goatmaids do need a few treats for ourselves. I think that I’ll share the bag with the boys.


  1. Methinks I may go to your place and act like a goat. I love licorice! The real, black kind!

  2. Black licorice?
    Oh… my boys (children, not goats) love black licorice. They are connoisseurs!
    So, would our girls (goats, not children) love it, too? We’ll definitely have to give this a try!
    We also have overgrown green beans.

  3. I had to laugh at Beatrix at the run fence in the background of your 2nd and 3rd photos: She looks like she would like to have some of what the boys are getting, and is trying to get your attention.

  4. Terry,
    you have so much fun! :) Do you record what your Hencams see? Last night I was on your site and I saw a HUGE frog in the run! That fellow is lucky the girls were asleep! He would have made a tasty snack for several of them! Have a great weekend!

    • That was a toad. It hunts at night. Toads eat a lot of insects that I don’t want around, so I’m happy to see it! We do have huge frogs, but they’re in the pond.

      • Lol! Yes, my sister corrected me when I told her about it. Well it was a good size one for sure. Looks like it is happy hunting there!

  5. That must be why the goat treats I buy at the feed store, by Manna Pro, are licorice flavor! Never thought about giving them the actual candy! I haven’t tried the green beans yet, either. Mine sure do love cherry tomatoes! I’m still waiting for my 2 to grow beards, like yours! Ha!

  6. Oh Terry, look at those adorable faces and beards! So much cuteness. If I listen hard enough, I think I hear their lips smacking! Thank you for the photos of the boys!

  7. Ah, yes. But be careful. Too much “real licorice” is not good. Like everything (Julia Child lived to 91)…everything in moderation….

  8. Love seeing the boys standing in anticipation on their “stumps”. I love licorice. Licorice ice-cream is surprisingly spectacular.

  9. Seems Twiggy is ok with Betsy guarding her eggs. Twiggy chased Nancy Drew away from her egg all morning and now she does a little spot check on Betsy to make sure all is well with her egg. The chooks crack me up! No pun intended.