A Special Storytime

Last month I was asked to do a Tillie Lays an Egg Storytime for a special group of preschoolers. These children either wear cochlear implants, or have siblings that do. Their parents were having a much-needed night out at a hearing loss conference, and I was there to keep the little ones engaged at the end of a long and busy day. The children wore pjs and sat on blankets. One girl wore pink CIs that matched her pajamas. I wish that I could color-coordinate my CIs and outfits!



I couldn’t bring a hen to the hotel, so I brought a few stand-ins. Everyone talked chicken and one boy even knew a chicken dance!



It was a fun evening,


but all too soon it was bedtime. There were a few children saying cluck, cluck cluck on their way to sleep that night!


  1. That was just the sweetest thing. I especially love the chicken stand in!

  2. What a heart-warming outing for everyone. You give so much! Very admirable and honorable.

  3. You are much too young now, but someday you will be the second best grandmother!

  4. well – that’s a new one. next time i go for my ‘ear appointment’ i’ll ask my rep if my hearing aids come in colors! can the children hear w/ ci’s? i do hope so. i haven’t yet been satisfied w/ my h.sids, but we’re working on it and i can hear – altho sometimes strangely!
    i’ve visited w/ little ones that i see wearing aids – so far every little person i’ve talked to has been very proud of them and i always encourage that!

    • I think it’s helpful to the adults/parents to see an adult functioning with CIs and hearing aids. I talk perfectly and my CIs have given me the ability to hear very clearly, but I always let them know that hearing loss is exhausting – even with the technology.

      • Well Terry if you ever need a part replaced, maybe you can get it in different colors or have tattoo decals placed on them.

  5. Yes. One day, if you should be lucky enough to have grandchildren, you be an absolutely wonderful grandma!

  6. You do such great things for so many people! Also, I saw a link to Family and Children’s on your home page. FCA also does great things! A perfect pair, indeed.

  7. Awesome and delightful. What a wonderful post…I enjoyed this so very much.

  8. Just precious. Blessings to you as you are such a blessing to others.

  9. Loved all of the pictures especially the one of the little girl finding Tillie’s egg.It is part of the fun of reading and listening to your wonderful dook.

  10. The children are adorable! Love the picture of the girl pointing out Tillie’s egg to you. And look..you’re holding stand-in chicken as lovingly as your own! LOL! Thanks for the gift of you, Terry! : )

  11. Hi Terry. Thank you for again another uplifting post. My fav is the chicken dance guy!