1. So it’s been Scooter all along that’s been writing your blog??

  2. Terry
    Thank you for leaving us with such a darling photo to brighten our days.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! It has been a challenging summer for you. Get some rest and enjoy the fruits of your labors. I love the comment about Scooter writing the blog. Looks like Scooter has gotten an early start on the sabbatical….he is so darn cute.

  4. That is one cute Scooter! He’s too laid back to write your blog. He would take far too much time out for relaxation and never get anything done. Have a fun weekend.

  5. I think your chicken sitter needs a big tip for all the work she is doing trying to get Beatrice and Misty in the coop tonight!

  6. Where is Phoebie? I have not seen her on camera since Friday. I check in several time a day but do not see her.

    • She has a favorite cool spot off camera in the coop. It’s against the screen door, where she gets a breeze while on the concrete.

      • Thanks for answering. I miss seeing her. She is fun to watch but she does have to stay cool. I hope you all get a lot of snow this year so we can watch her tunnel in it. Have a good day. :-)

  7. Pip and Caper look so content this morning. I think they are very glad that their “Staff” is back home!