Welcome Predators

This past week voracious hunters arrived in the backyard, but unlike most predators, I was quite pleased to welcome them onto the property.

Everywhere I look are shimmering, beautiful, lethal dragonflies.



Dragonflies prey on other insects – especially the ones that I find the most bothersome. They catch wasps in midair.



They eat ants.



They eat flies, so I’m especially pleased to see them darting around the barns.



They eat wasps. Last year I couldn’t get into my vegetable garden because of a yellow jacket nest that took me two weeks to destroy. If the dragonflies stick around I won’t have that problem this summer.


Actually, it doesn’t matter what they eat. They’re like jewelry for the yard.

Side-note: Just like there are birdwatchers whose hobby is identifying birds, there are also dragonfly-watchers. If you are one of those knowledgeable people, please let me know what species are photographed here. Thanks!

(Photographs taken by Steve using a camera that requires far more technical know-how than I have.)


  1. Wonderfull fotoes!!
    Felicitation Steve!!
    You are a BIG photograph-with many sensibility!

  2. I didn’t realize there was so many different colors of dragonflies…….how pretty and the wings look so delicate. My mom always told me when I was young if I said naughty words they would sew my mouth shut. For the longest time as a child I actually believed her.
    I love your new bunny and also love her name as my mom’s name was Phoebe. Pleased to read and see that your hens are back to being healthy.


  3. I also heard/read that they eat mosquito larva, which here in Indiana in what used to be part of the Black Swamp is truly a gift! I value them so much, I will even pluck a dragonfly out of spider webs!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I’ve been noticing dragonflies in my yard this past week while working in my gardens. With their brilliant colors it’s always a treat when they land close to me so I can get a good look at them. I like how you referred to them as jewelry for the yard, they do look like emeralds and sapphires flittering about.

  5. You’ve sold me. I have too many of all three of those pesky bugs. I know they sell ladybugs in a can…what about dragonflies? Also, LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the white chickens. They are just so snow white beautiful.

  6. The last one is an Eastern Pondhawk. I used to be better at identifying them, but I no longer have my book, so unless they have really good markings, I’m lost!

  7. I lived with and was tormented by mosquitos for 3 long years in Fairbanks, AK. I loved to see all the dragonflies, both for their beauty and for the services they provided. We are having major mosquitos right now here where I live in Colorado and I would LOVE to see some in my backyard.

  8. I could use some dragon flies where I live. Got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday afternoon….

  9. Beautiful! I’m always surprised to see that animals like wild birds and dragonflies have close relatives in other continents. My guess is that the second and may be the third also are members of the genus Orthetrum. In English they are called Skimmers.

  10. Great pictures ITGuy. :) I was wondering if they were taken with a DSLR. Beautiful!
    We have dragonflies like crazy this year. My son loves to catch them and let them perch on his hand. I love them!

  11. Fabulous photos Terry! I went outside yesterday and there were what looked to be hundreds of dragonflies. I never realized they came in such an assortment of colors. I’ll be sure to pay better attention when I get home if they are still hanging around.

  12. And one more quick comment, of topic of the dragonflies. I didn’t think the Hen.cam could get any better…..but this real time camera makes it ever MORE fun to watch. My co workers probably think I am nuts when they walk by my desk and I am giggling at little chicken faces dancing around on my screen. :) I adore it when the girls are curious and get up close to the camera. Makes me smile.
    And now, I shall treat you to a cup of joe as a way of saying thanks.

  13. Dragonfly watching. Well, that’s something I’d not heard of before. After having “Binged” it, I’ve seen groups of people out identifying them, much as birdwatchers do – just as you said. Also, I found a pic of the blue one with the aqua head labeled ‘Blue Skimmer.’ It looks just like yours. :)

  14. We get brilliant red-orange colored ones in my yard. They’re so beautiful that sometimes I just stop to watch them!

  15. I am one of those dragonfly watchers, and my goat-mistress friend Sarah suggested my experience might be in order. :-)

    Top to bottom: Blue Dasher (either a female or a juvenile male; the angle makes it difficult to see the terminal appendages; I am leaning toward female); male Blue Dasher; male Eastern Pondhawk (still a bit young as the green is visible on the side of the thorax); female (I think) Blue Dasher; and female Eastern Pondhawk.

    Love those Odonates!

    • Thank you! We always have numerous dragonflies, but this year the variety is staggering. There are a few others that I didn’t post. I think that the names are marvelous.

  16. Such amazing photos! is there no end to I.T.guy’s talents! They compliment yours so perfectly. What a team you make. As ever we all enjoy everything you do, thank so much.

  17. I too never knew there were so many kinds of dragon flies !! and the colors !! Thanks for the pics

    By the way Lucy laid an egg again after almost a week !!!!! I thank you for your advice Terry

  18. There is a Facebook page called “North Odonata” https://www.facebook.com/groups/241657275954604/
    where they will be able to identify your dragonfly photo. I am a photographer myself and saw this on FB when a friend of mind posted a dragon fly photo of his. North Odonata is an open group of Odonata enthusiasts that share observations, photographs and ask questions. The focus area is the northeast US and eastern Canada but everyone is welcome. I hope this helps. I’m positive someone with Northeast Odonata will identify your dragon fly for you. You will enjoy looking at all the many different kinds and colors of dragon flies. I had no idea there were so many!!!

  19. Ask Steve at his blog “Shooting my Universe”. He know alot about dragonflys.