Phoebe’s Tunnel

Someone has been rearranging the dirt in the corner of the Little Barn pen.



Misty says, That rabbit has been busy.

Misty wonders


It’s getting rather deep.

tunnel closeup


Rabbits dig and burrow. It’s something that they love to do and one reason why my bunnies have been so content living outside. It’s also why the fence is buried 8-inches below ground. But, that’s not far enough down to keep an industrious rabbit in. Rocks are being added along the edge.



Don’t be fooled by that adorable innocent face.


Phoebe says that there are plenty of other places to tunnel. She’s contemplating her next move. I’ll be checking the perimeter daily.


  1. That’s one cute, busy, bunny! I believe it’s going to be interesting to see what she comes up with next.


  2. Clever, clever, Phoebe. You have the BEST animals. I may have to divert some of my infatuation from the goats.

  3. That is too funny. She is busy. I have (2) female bun buns and (1) male. They live with my (17) hens. My male was fixed :) the girls dig dig and dig. My vet said the girls do that. I have to fill most holes with bricks if they get too close to the perimeter. They have one going now right at the entry of the run. I have to step over it 3′ to get to the water bowls. I dont want to fall in. I was walking outside the fence area once in the grass and all of a sudden I fell into the ground up to my mid calf. The hole was huge. Had to fill it in with extra soil. They love the cool dark earth in the summer months.

  4. hehe. it’s like shawshank redemption. ;) if you see any posters up in the corner of the run…check behind them. lol

  5. The soundtrack of The Great Escape should accompany this post. She is so adorable. The face would get me every time. It works for my cats.

  6. While Phoebe has been working on her ‘Great Escape’ the pullets are competing for space on the roof of her hutch. Maybe they think they can get over the top of the wire. Saw Twiggy come down the other day with a big white flap!

  7. Phoebe, you mustn’t dig outside your safe home! There are vicious animals out there :(

  8. Loving everyone’s comments!
    Candy also burrowed, which is why there are already rocks lining the fence along the goat paddock. Her specialty, though, was snow tunneling. She used to make U-shaped tunnels so that she could run in one end and burst out the other to surprise the hens. She loved seeing the chickens scatter.
    Like Candy, Phoebe has a good-night chat with the goats before bedtime. If you watch at dusk, you’ll see.

    • Loved story about Candy’s snow tunnels! Will have to remember to watch Phoebe and goats in the evening. BTW, I can tell when someone is in the yard even if the person is not on camera. The goats watch and watch in the same direction.

  9. This reminds me of my pet dutch rabbits when I was a child :-)
    Spot used to dig tunnels which sometimes collapsed as we walked over them!
    We gave him a sewer pipe to play in, but he used it to stash the soil he dug out of his next tunnel.

    Bunnies are wonderful!

  10. Phoebe……down the self-made rabbit hole. She can taste the great adventure waiting on the other side! Last night at bedtime…..Phoebe was racing around, and I love to the boys jostling around before lights out. Did I see you with some eggs as you came out of the barn last evening? How are Miss Lilly and Scooter? Has Lilly returned to her favorite napping spot on the balcony?

  11. Every girl loves to hit those end of summer sales at the mall!

  12. Terry speaking of what rabbits love to do how do you keep the rabbits you’ve kept from gnawing up the coop and roosts?
    I remember when we raised rabbits when I was growing up wood was one of their favorite things to destroy.

    • I provide her with sticks and branches and so far she hasn’t destroyed the coop. We are very careful about making sure that all wires are protected with conduits!

  13. Looking forward to seeing Phoebe’s reaction to the snow someday. I’m still checking daily for the First Egg from the Girls post. Can’t Wait!

  14. Just look at that innocent face. You’ll have to change her name to Backhoe. I’ve missed her over the past week or so. Little did I suspect that she had gone to ground.

  15. Looks like Phoebe will keep you very busy, watching out for tunnels! That sly girl! Terry, do you know how long it took Phoebe for dig that much? A day or two? Are rabbits fast at digging their tunnels? After watching Phoebe I don’t see how any rabbit could truly be happy living indoors.

  16. Please do!!!! Ruby dug out in the middle of the night and we found her in her safe play area (or so we thought)…. Unfortunately it wasn’t completely dog proof….. We knew she was digging and we added rocks everyday but she dug out in a spot we could not see very well. Poor Ruby… So we dog proofed the garden and added 4 by 4 mesh to the bottom of the rabbit house. And we are looking again. Maybe the new one is Earl. I will keep you posted :((

  17. She does have such a cute face. She’s digging to china! She is such a pleasure to watch. But I hadn’t see her digging this whole.