Phoebe’s Choice

The rabbit hutch was old, and this past week of high humidity and heat finally did it in. Ants were using it as a highway, and earwigs moved into the hay. Everyday I replaced the hay and everyday the insects returned. Phoebe let me know that she had no intention of going into the hutch unless forced. I didn’t blame her.

The old rabbit house was thrown out and replaced with a clean, dry and comfy (or so I thought) newer hutch. The chickens checked it out and declared it excellent.



Ancient Twinkydink said that it was about time that she was given a ramp into a nesting box. She’s now laying an egg in there every three days. Not bad for an 8-year old hen!



Phoebe said, The chickens are welcome to it! She saw no reason to go into the hutch during the day. Rabbit pellets are uninteresting to her compared to what else can be found. There’s usually greens and woody things to chew on in the compost pile.



Inside are more greens in the treat holder.

suet feeder


There’s room to run, which gets the goats going, too.



Like Candy did, Phoebe uses the corner of the pen as a litter box. Bunnies are tidy. (The goats and chickens could learn something from her!)

litter box


It’s been hot and humid, and the concrete floor of the coop is cooling. Phoebe found the perfect spot underneath the nesting boxes. She convinced Buffy to vacate the premises, and none of the other hens think to bother her there. There’s plenty of room to sit up and groom.



She’s moved the shavings to the side so that she can stretch out and stay cool.

screen shot


Letting Phoebe making use of the full coop and run during the day is fine with me, but I wanted her to sleep in the hutch at night. I didn’t want her on the floor with the chicken manure. I worried that in the morning, when all of the chickens came off of the roosts, that it would be too crowded and that she’d be subject to pecking. I wanted her in her hutch, where she’d have hay to eat at night (rabbits stay busy in the dark.) But, those are all of my worries and wants. Phoebe didn’t share them. She wants to sleep on the concrete floor. She likes the company of the hens. She likes the hubbub in the coop in the morning. I listened to her arguments (for a silent rabbit, she’s quite clear in her communication) but was still not entirely convinced. Then my son pointed out that the mosquitos were bothering her at night in the hutch, but that they weren’t in the coop (the hens eat them.) Phoebe had made her choice, and finally I was fine with it. She can sleep in the coop. I’ll leave the hutch in the run. It’s a good place for her food and hay. Who knows, maybe she’ll decide that in the winter the concrete floor is too cold and she’ll move in. I’ll be listening to her. She’s a smart rabbit.


  1. Whew, was wondering what all that was about.
    Thanks and thanks for listening to Phoebe.
    Its what we all need to do more of, learning
    to listen and read our…, our, fellow creatures.

  2. Poor old Buffy, being ousted from her quiet spot. Is she okay?

      • I guess you will be looking on craiglists or in local garage sales when the weather is cooler to see if a larger hutch might entice Phoebe back to another abode once fall/winter happens.A rabbit hutch with AC and mosquito webbing might be what Phoebe prefer. Or to have a second hutch for sick, injured or broody hens. Is Buffy still loudly clucking at times, or has gone on to ignoring her ? And have you heard any adult vocalizations yet from the youngsters, or they still somewhat peeping ?

  3. Great to hear about what we have been watching on Hencam. This IS a book…to be continued. You are so wonderful with your family…animals and humans…you listen to both!

  4. Every time I check in, I see Phoebe under the boxes. She is an independent girl who knows her mind, I guess. I have a 2-story rabbit hutch in my chicken coop that sits in the middle. If I have a hen that needs to be separated, I place her in there at night so she can still sleep with her sissies but not be bothered. Rabbit hutches are very versatile, aren’t they? I am so glad we don’t have mosquitoes here.

  5. What a great way things turned out. Phoebe has chosen her own quarters, and it so good to see Buffy out and about. I think you are the “Chicken and Rabbit” Whisperer…….Miss Terry! Then there is Twinkydink. She just needed some Deeeluxx accommodations. Harmonic Convergence at Little Pond!

  6. I am wondering what is that plant / weed growing in the coop ( in the Picture above) that your girls are not eating? I’ve never seen anything grow in mine that doesn’t disappear as soon as it pokes through the ground!

    • No one likes that weed, and it’s a sign that the dirt in the run is too compacted, and even the chickens can’t turn it over. With all of the rain, it’s not draining and is getting a yucky layer of algae, too. I’m going to send my teen son out to do this maintenance.

  7. I’ve been watching her too, like I watch the others, and wondered why she had not been in her hutch – old or new. Now I know. She loves to stretch out under the nesting box, and that is where I find her most of the time. She is enjoying herself there and has fit in so well.

  8. That bunny has a lot of fursonality! Lots of fun to watch. And watch a great discovery about Twinydink! An egg every three days for a hen that age is quite impressive.