Beached Whale or Goat?

This was the view on the GoatCam this morning:



I’m surprised that I didn’t get an email or two from worried viewers urging me to run out to the barn to check on a dying goat. Pip does look like a beached whale. Is that bloated belly about to pop? No worries. This is what I call Pip’s “dead goat imitation.” Despite the fact that I knew he was just sleeping, I still went out to make sure that he was okay. As soon as the goats heard the back porch door open, they were up on their feet.

What? said Pip. Look, I’m positively svelte. Starving, in fact.



And itchy.




  1. I love Pip. I don’t get to watch the goat cam so was not worried. He really doesn’t look too fat standing up.

  2. Like you, I worry about all good bunnies in this heat. I have my fingers crossed that Phoebe is finding ways to stay as cool as possible. It’s 96 here in southern NY. Ouch.

    • The waterer next to her in the coop is filled with ice. That helps to cool the concrete pad that she’s on, as well as giving her cold water to drink. She’s doing fine!

  3. What a handsome goat with the sweetest face ever. Glad he and the other animals are bearing up with the weather. Relief tomorrow (it says in fine print).

  4. That’s a great one of them especially of Pip. Even though they sleep in short spurts, they sleep quite soundly.

  5. A hairy beached whale! That is one for the tabloids. The goats look so clean and well groomed. Where is Phoebie? All I can see is a corner of the blue dish pan and the waterer. Can you turn the camera to that corner where she apparently is.

  6. That’s just not right. No goat should be that adorable. And his whiskers! So, so cute. Reminds me of Colonel Sanders.

  7. PS- Oooops! Since we’re chicken caregivers, probably not a good idea to mention Colonel Sanders.

  8. I’m surprised how fast they lost their winter coats! The Goat Boys make me smile!

  9. I love Nigerian Dwarf goats! Mine, stretched his upper body over a dog igloo,and his little belly looked like he had a watermelon on each side! We adopted a greyhound dog and had him on a leash to meet our 2 goat brothers. It was hilarious, because Lee, this same little goat, stood up on his hind legs. He stood for quite some time, and pawed in the air with his little front hooves! My husband and I responded with,”WOW!’ It was like a protection stance! Lee weighs about 1/3rd, what the greyhound weighs!

  10. I love Pip and Caper so much! I have made a habit of watching them before I go to sleep. Watching them reminds me of my childhood round of “good nights” to all the pets in the house… Since we live in Germany there is a six-hour time difference which is just perfect…

    Greetings from Germany

  11. Oh WOW! That would have scared me to death!!! If one of our horses had done that, we’d be calling the vet. He looks just “well fed” when he’s on his feet.

  12. Adorable
    Want to thank you terri for the tip about the frozen veggies. Thermometer in my yard said 110 yesterday, granted it was in the sun but still it was awful the girls were not loving it especially winnie I was quite worried then I remembered your tip I grabbed a bag of frozen kale and peas. It really helped. Thanks again

  13. love that buddha belly! it’s hard not to worry in this heat!