Now that Edwina has been banished to the Gem’s coop, the hens in the LIttle Barn have all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Twinkydink and Buffy can rest their old bones while lazing amiably together in a dirt bath.

dust bath


The pullets can roam freely, no longer in fear of the domineering Barred Rock.



For a mean old hen, Edwina’s lot is far better than it might have been. Edwina still has swagger so the Gems give her a wide berth. But, Edwina no longer dominates. She’s being left alone. Which is rather confusing to the old bully.



The Gems are a rather forgiving lot. They’ve allowed Siouxsie to integrate into the flock. Whether Edwina will eventually be allowed to forage in their midst and roost alongside remains to be seen.


  1. LOVE that first picture of Buffy and her buddy Twinkydink dust bathing together. I’m glad that the stress has been removed from the Little Barn run.
    I still always feel a little twinge of sadness for the mean hens. Can’t we all get along girls? lol

  2. So sweet, a long-lasting friendship. Owly and Beatrix seem like their ready to continue to carry the torch. When I’m watching, seems where you see one, you’ll see the other one. Bless Buffy, she is a doll. TwinkyDink not only has a great name, but is loyal all the way through. Very touching…….

  3. What an inquisitive little bunny you have. She’s already ventured into the coop. Loving her.

  4. I sure hope my young Hens live a long life so I get to witness those special friendships that develop. So far my 7 girls…all different breeds, are content hanging out together or not. Being able to free-range them during the day is so lucky for all concerned…but I am aware that might change if and when we have bird eaters move into our so far safe haven, and they have to be living in closer quarters.

  5. Would that international problems could be solved like this….

  6. Was so much fun to watch all the action when the rabbit was out this morning. Especially when the walkabout included visiting Buffy. It was great to see Buffy so engaged and interested. “Old friends sat on a park bench like bookends”…….Buffy and Twinkydink!

  7. Off subject. Terry, is there ever a day you don’t open up the chicken door to the run? (frigid winter temps, excessive wind and rain, etc.) Also, do you have a feeder in the runs or just in the coops? Your help would be appreciated.

  8. I’m so glad Buffy is still with us after her latest spa issue, she looks like she’s having a gossip with T.D! Edwina must think she’s gone deaf with no squawking around her from the others….

  9. Off topic but I was wondering, how big is Phoebe, how long is she? Thank you Terry!

  10. Off subject. Terry, do you lock your hens in every night and let them out every morning? Or, is your area secured with fencing? My hens won’t go inside till after dark, but, I go to bed before dark. Any suggestions?

    • Never, ever trust your fencing. Always lock in at night. I’ll be doing a post about automatic doors in the next month.

      • I have a covered run, with buried, and high, fencing and netting cover. I’d had to separate two white leghorn cockerels from the flock as the elderly ladies were being abused by the attention. The young boys had their own living quarters and a large run. Last night a fisher wriggled in somehow, opened the door to the small shelter, and killed both roos. Fishers can get into a very tiny crack in your defenses! Henkeepers do the best they can, but everything out there wants chicken!

        • Lucy, years ago we thought we had a secure coop, with hawk netting attached above and a raccoon ripped it off, went in the coop and massacred the chickens. You think you have it secure and a predator always proves you wrong.

  11. I love that TwinkyDink and Buffy can now enjoy some quiet time and just relax!! They deserve it!

  12. Phoebe is zippity doo dahing all over the place. :-) It is so good to see the little barn yard back in action with hens and a rabbit.

  13. Oh my yes! Watching that Phoebe bunny inspecting every square inch of her new area and then zipping all over the place has been an absolute delight. I must admit that I am also very relieved to see Edwina placed in with the Gems. Now we can see and enjoy all of the new girls, and especially sweet Buffy, relaxing and hanging out without being bothered. Very wise of you Terry. You certainly do know what you’re doing!