Chicken Keeping Workshop Scheduled!

I’ve added a Chicken Keeping Workshop to my event calendar. This is your opportunity to come here to LIttle Pond Farm and learn all about how to have a healthy and fun flock of hens in your backyard. I’ll talk about many related topics, including coop design, feed, breeds, and chicken behavior. You’ll get to see, first-hand, how I maintain the coops and compost the manure. You’ll even get to inspect a chicken butt for lice!

chicken butt


This workshop is scheduled for Saturday, July 27. People have travelled from as far away as Seattle, Ontario, New Jersey, Maine, and Connecticut, to come here to learn about chicken keeping (and to see the Beast in her pond.) I’m located about 30 miles west of Boston, near the historic towns of Concord and Lexington. Summer in New England – and chicken advice – it’s worth the trip!


  1. Ok, so I just came back from Crossroads Farm and quess what was on display on the check out counter??? TILLIE LAYS AN EGG!!! Inscribed to the Crossroads Chicken’s!!! Thank you so much Terry. You made my day. Thank you!

  2. We have just arrived home to Ontario having attended the June 8th Hen Keeping Workshop. We absolutely would say it was worth the trip – in fact it was the ‘highlight’ of our five day road trip. We learned much and came away with new and better ideas and also confidence that we haven’t gone too far wrong in the year we have had our hens. Terry keeps us grounded in the reality of raising and keeping our birds and we have enjoyed every day with them. Thanks Terry and Steve for a wonderful time.

    • I agree wholeheartedly – it absolutely *is* worth the trip from Ontario. For anyone considering signing up for the next workshop – do it! You’ll be glad you did.

  3. If I ever have opportunity to be in the Boston area, I would try to sign up to visit Little Pond Farm…… Everyone seems to walk away so pleased and enlightened. I don’t believe one workshop would answer all my questions and would probably have to sign up for two…:o)

  4. Terry, is that normal for the young hens to stand out in the rain at roost time?

  5. I love your chicken earrings! Wish I had a pair, so cute!

  6. If you import those earrings I am buying several pair so my other chicken friends can enjoy them.

  7. Good Morning I just noticed a bird swinging on the feeder in the little barn.