1. Okay…I`ll start…….`Rocky` as she has a rather Racoon like face. Not that it is a bad thing. I`m sure she has lots of redeeming qualities and will be another wonderful pet!

  2. Hi Terry, though I have not written in a while,but am a big fan of your wonderful barnyard. It is amazing in what you do. I really love Caper and Pip.
    As for your new addition, how about Gilligan. We had a grey/white Dutch rabbit of that same name and your rabbit looks so much like him. Take care. Eric M.

    • May i submit couple French names like chou-chou (shoo-shoo)which really means cabbage and Gigi,but the first is reference to rabbit.

  3. I think onyx would a good name for because of her face color

  4. Hurray!
    Love the new bunny.
    Let’s see here.
    “Pansy’ because…’tis the season or
    ‘Cookie’ because of those oreo type colors on her sweet face or
    my very favorite….’June’ !!!

  5. I think Lucky would be a great name as she is so lucky to have such a great home. We had a pet lamb called Lucky who lived to a ripe old age. So nice to see a rabbit back in the hutch. I’m sure Candy would approve.

  6. You might have guessed I love naming animals.If she is a Dutch rabbit, how about a dutch name. I like Aleta, Alva, Dorine or Sabine? Don`t get me started. :)

  7. She’s very pretty. How about Oreo, Dusty or Velvet (cos she looks velvety!)

    • I want to contribute a name of my own, but I actually kind of like “Velvet”–soft, beautiful, serene-looking. Misty’s nice, too. She looks gentle. I wonder what she’s thinking about as she Is taking in her new surroundings?

  8. Target or bulleye, because of her markings.

    Or Rocky, for a raccoon, as I agree, there are racoonish markings, too…

  9. She just looks like a Penelope to me. Plump and feminine!

    • I love that suggestion…Penelope :) Just makes me smile

  10. If you stick with books, Lewis Carroll wrote about the White Rabbit in Alice in wonderland. When I looked at he/she that was the first rabbit I thought of….Fat, happy and maybe late for a very important date! So then you could have Lewis, Carroll or just White Rabbit.

  11. What a dummy I am, now I see it’s a she…so then how about Hattie…which means “Ruler of the Home”. Hattie is also the name of the mother rabbit in the children’s story I wrote.

  12. I just went to check on the chickens and hmmmm there is a person there with bright orange crocks checking out the bunny hutch… BUNNY yayay

  13. How about Anemone. There is a white anemone with a black center. Or Anee for short. Then there are Watership Down rabbits..Clover or Blackberry. Maybe Peeps for the chocolate dipped peep rabbit confection. She is beautiful. Just saw you at the hutch.

    • She does have strong marks across her nose like an anemone bloom!

  14. Well, it is almost Midsummer’s Eve, so why not call her Titania. She is a beauty!

  15. I like “Marshmallow” or “Snowball”. My daughter likes “Charlie”. My husband likes “Cappuccino”.

  16. How’s about “Queenie”, since she’s following in the pawprints of the Empress!
    Or even Lilibet, which was the childhood nickname of our queen, who has today been celebrating the Diamond (60th!) Anniversary of her Coronation!
    Long may she reign over her subjects (the chickens!)

  17. I like Marbles for the marbling thru out her body and face.. or marsh mellow, she is so cute you could eat her up.
    Welcome to the family fuzz-muffin!

    JennW in California

  18. Lovely girl….How about Alice…or Cookie?

  19. How about Mopsy or Flopsy from Beatrix Potter, although she is much too beautiful. How about Eloise.

  20. She looks like North Sea mist! Maybe a misty scotch name. Skye? Iona? Bridhe? Birdie? (Birdie the bunny in the bird yard. hee hee)

    Does she like to bunloaf? “Bara Gwenith” is a home made bread.

  21. My,my, looks like Terry is really going to be “Hopping” tonight with these bunny names multipling all over,but can’t wait to see result. Eric M.

  22. You could use all of the above names & then just call her Uma for short ;)