More Bunny Photos

Here is the front view. How adorable is that face?!!!

nose view


Here’s another view of her delightfully quirky markings.

side view


And the rear view! Her tail is the opposite of white cottontail. It looks more like a chunk of charcoal.

tail view

Here’s the story: I’ve been looking at that sad empty hutch all winter. The weather has warmed up. The chicks are now pullets. It was time. I had a few criteria: short, upright ears (best for outdoor bunnies), and friendly yet with lots of energy so as not to be intimidated by the goings-on of a hen yard and goat neighbors. I wanted a neutered bunny, so it would already be through that stress before moving into the hutch. And young, because I want her here a long time. I went onto, and this one year-old mixed breed rabbit was at a shelter in Brockton, which is about a 45 minute drive from home.  The listing said “friendly and playful.” Spayed. I saw those ears and that stripe on her nose, and that was that. She was exactly as described on-line.

She’ll stay in the hutch for a couple of days to get a sense of home and surroundings. Then I’ll let her out into the yard without the chickens. Once I’m sure she’s comfortable and knows how to get in and out of the hutch, she’ll get to mingle with the flock.

So, now with this added information, keep sending the names!


  1. Maybe her name should be Nicoal!! Because of her little chocolate bum

  2. I like Sadie. Hebrew name meaning princess.

  3. So adorable! I was thinking something to do with “soot”. The French word is “suie” if I looked it up right on-line.

    • Cute!!! My little niece could not say Cinderella when she was little and it always came out Cinderlala….Your post reminded me of that…another smile :)

  4. Such an adorable little girl. I would suggest Beatrix as she looks like some of the drawings in Beatrix Potter’s books. I wish I could squeeze her!!

  5. Welcome new bunny! Lots of good name suggestions. Thanks, Terry, for sharing Little Pond Farm with us. I always enjoy your posts.

  6. She reminds me of my Mom’s sterling silver when the air would get to it and it would begin to turn dark around the edges and it was time for a good polish. Then after the polish, it would be bright and shiny again. So I would like to add the name Sterling to your list of possibilities. Also we befriended a beautiful feral gray cat that we named Sterling so I am a little partial to the name.

  7. I have a young Siamese mix cat that is practically the color of your rabbit. I named him Frosty but he has gotten grayer as he has gotten older. Now I think I should have named him Smokey.
    So my recommendation would be Smokey.

  8. OMG …. I cannot describe how excited I was to see the new bunny. I’ve missed seeing Candy on the Hencam. I suggest Ariana, welsh girls name meaning silvery.

  9. My 5 year old suggests Lolly, which I like. Also like Cinder.

  10. Puff the pretty rabbit
    lived in a hutch
    and frolicked in the little barn yard
    with hens and goats and such.

  11. She is adorable with a fairy saddle across her nose! I had a rabbit, as a child, that looked very similar. His name was Eustace the useless rabbit dubbed so by the British side of my family because we (Americans) would not eat the rabbit. Maybe her name could be Titania, but I like Peaseblossom better. Or maybe just Blossom.
    Enjoy her Terry, so happy for you and your family.

    • By the by, Eustace has a book connection… In the Narnia books by CS Lewis, the children’s cousin is called Eustace but they nicknamed him “Useless Eustace” because he was… until he proved otherwise in ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’!
      I’ll offer “Queenie” as it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee of her Coronation this year. Or Princess. Follows on from the Empress (RIP Candy)

      • Yes, we were aware and the name was a source of lots of ribbing from across the pond (and an endless supply of recipe suggestions).

  12. She is beautiful ! We suggest Cotton Candy(sweet,cotton tail and Candy of course

  13. She’s a cutie pie. What a great addition to the farm. I’m still thinking of a name, but I am sure whatever you decide will suit her.

  14. How about Cinderloo, Cinderlou, Cinderlue….. not sure of the spelling. Like Cindy Sue, sortof. Several seem to like Cinder, but she needs a pretty girl touch to it! Actually, Cinder Sue wouldn’t be bad!

  15. so excited for the new addition. i liked your description of her, how about charcoal, cotton or chunk…she doesn’t look chunky though:-D congratulations terri!

  16. How about Jane for Jane Eyrie to keep with your book theme ?

  17. She looks like a real lady. I thought “Lady Jane Grey” would be a nice name, but the historical figure had a tragic fate, so that might seem too ominous. How about “Lady Jane” (Eyre implied)?

  18. Just to add to my suggestion of “Cinders” : it is because of the fairy story, not so much her colouring. Bunny went from rescue to Little Pond Farm so like Cinders did get to go to the ball and catch her prince (well, Princess as it’s you, Terry, but let’s not get too picky here).

  19. I can’t wait to watch her interact with the pullets. I wonder if she will have a stare down at her hutch door like Candy did. Are you able to pick her up and cuddle her?

  20. i’ve read the names – enjoyed all the comments – grabbed by the one about the chimney sweep – there is her heritage, it seems.
    now; who do we know that’s a chimney sweep?
    what about the russian with all the girls who had to find husbands for them – is there a girl’s name in that story?
    can we work that?
    i’ll watch

  21. Um… since all the chicks got children’s book names, and you seem to be a fan of Marguerite Henry, (and the new bunny does honestly remind me of the character), perhaps Brighty? The little grey bunny with kind eyes, does remind me of a certain mischievous burro with kind eyes. ;) Perhaps not. Just a suggestion.

  22. How bout Queen Ester? That way the torch can be passed from Candy to a new reign.

  23. A Great surprise today to see you have a new bunny! Hurray!

  24. I haven’t read through all the replies…..this may have been suggested. But since you went with “book” names for the hens, why not Cecily for the bunny? From Beatrix Potter. :)

    • Yep, I like that one. Cecily Parsley Golson. Perfect.

  25. Or how about some kind of “candy” :) Pixie? Skittles? Pez? Tootsie? hehe

  26. I suggest naming her “Liquorice” as a tribute to Candy the prior resident, a theme of sweet treat names for the bunnies.
    Also, it fits her beautiful, black fur markings.

  27. Yay!!!! A NEW bunny..Someone suggested Velvet…I like it…and you like horses and such? National Velvet?

  28. Some one suggested Miss Gracie Grey. I like that.

    Now my first thought was Band Aid. When I first saw the stripe over the nose it looked like she had a Band Aid over the spot and when removed she had a tan line.

    Terry a beautiful rabbit and an extremely lucky one as well.

    I’m just curious did the shelter require refernences, pictures of the living conditions etc. ?

    • I couldn’t adopt from the house rabbit societies, being as how they believe that I am being cruel to keep a bunny outside (I had to delete a rant from my FB page.) The shelter was hesitant to let me adopt, but I had them look at HenCam and they saw the hutch and environment which changed their minds. I was so pleased that that rescue understood that it’s all about the individual. I just heard from someone who wants to adopt a dog. She works at home and she goes out for frequent walks. But, she lives in a condo (that she owns!) but doesn’t have a yard. The rescue wouldn’t let her have a dog. Crazy!

      • Have they never heard of cottontails?

        I don’t have time to tell what I had to go through to adopt Mary Lou my white pekin duck. (needed a mate for Quakers).
        To get Lulu my Boston was like adopting a child. Pre and post home visits. At one point I called the womens bluff and told her I’m done. I told her my vet gave me a glowing recommendation, my vet and I told you how long my pets have lived, you’ve seem my home and my extremely large fenced backyard etc. etc. She called me the next day and said Lulu was mine. Lulu has been living in the lap of luxury for 6 years now.

  29. Great names! I’ll need another 20 bunnies so that I can use them all. Some of the suggestions have already been used by me now, or in the past. My first rabbit (well before HenCam) was named Cinder, and that bunny was named after a school horse that I rode when I was 8 years old (and loved and have never forgotten.) I’m keeping a list of my favorite suggestions, and then my rabbit-loving son (Candy was his) will have the final pick. He’s a teenage boy, so although I like “Pixie” and “Daisy” and “Penelope” I’m not sure what he’ll agree to :)

    • You may not need 20 bunnies, but please, buy another one to give her a friend. Rabbits are social animals and she should not be alone.

      • She’s not alone. She’ll be interacting with the chickens and goats and people. If she was all by herself in a hutch, that would be different.

  30. I like Violet because of her color. She’s beautiful. Can’t wait to get to know her! Congratulations!

  31. So happy to see the bunny in the hutch! I saw her moving around and had to go look for back blogs because I had missed it ! I have really missed candy!

  32. duh—after looking back at your new chicken photos I see you already have a Beatrix. I like the Soie one.

  33. OLIVIA :) Like the children’s book a tenacious funny & unique character

  34. Hyzenthlay from Watership Down! It is a bit of a mouthful for such a dainty bunny. Hyacinth could work.

  35. My god Terry, 78 blogs and counting! Is that a record?! That’s one welcome wabbit, I’d say.

  36. She’s beautiful!! She looks like a Sophie to me!

  37. Terry, she’s lovely! Such a sweet and gentle-looking girl. So pretty – heather grey color. Love the name Heather.

  38. When I saw the picture, I thought, “Oh, look at Miss Priss…she’s gonna have a happy life now.” My grandmother always called me Prissy Lissy or Miss Priss (affectionately of course)…Not sure why the bunny brought back that memory but it’s a happy one.

  39. Love your new bunny…….she reminds me of a Siamese cat with the two toned markings. I ‘ve had a number of Siamese cats and had a loving one named Penelope. I see someone has suggested that name already….call her Penny for short.

  40. Yippeeee. I have so longed for that hutch to be home to a lucky bunny. I vote for Hepzabah, but doubt a teen aged boy will agree. It will be great whatever the choice.