Meet Veronica

Cuckoo Marans lay dark brown eggs, the color of a Hershey’s bar. Despite the fact that the eggs don’t actually taste like chocolate, they’re very pretty, and a good enough reason to have a Cuckoo Marans in your small flock. But, I’m discovering that there’s an even better reason to put this chicken on your list of breeds to have one day – what a wonderful personality!

I’m keeping one Cuckoo Marans, (the other has gone to the nursing home) and I’ve named her Veronica, after a story-telling hippo in a favorite book. Like her namesake, she’s a talker. Veronica chatters in a low, bup-bup-bup voice. She follows me around, constantly commenting on her world. What I really like about this chicken is that she is calm and yet out-going. When the chicks were two weeks old she was one of the first to try the baby roost.



At a month old she ventured higher up the big girls’ roost than anyone else.

big roost


And now, at 2 1/2 month of age, she is confident and yet not bossy to others in the flock. Veronica is the only pullet not intimidated by Edwina and even eats near that Grande Dame hen. And yet I’ve never seen Veronica challenge Edwina or any other chicken. So, Veronica is proving, early on, to be a personable, even-keeled leader, something that all flocks (and societies) should have in their midst.



  1. The last picture looks like “Karate kid” doing the Crane. Thanks for the chicken stories……someday I shall have a small flock.

  2. Shes beautiful. My list of chicken breed wants continues to grow, actually these have been on the list awhile, the eggs are so beautiful.

  3. I can’t wait for her to lay an egg and for you to proudly show us!

  4. I just got one of these at the end of April (so she’s a bit younger) but proves to have the same disposition as veronica! Incredibly outgoing and adventurous and she is the biggest talker I’ve ever had.I am curious to see if the absolute constant chirpchirp will turn in to a constant adult bawk… can never have enough chickenchat…or can you?

  5. Good to know Veronica is not intimidated and since Edwina is the only other stripped hen around, do you think Veronica will become fascinated of Edwina as Betsy is of young Twiggy ? Edwina probably won’t care, though I betcha Edwina does like having a younger group under her again to boss around and it has energized her just like the chicks did for Buffy. I know Edwina doesn’t miss her sister Eleanor, but it might make her feel more confident to have another stripped chicken to blend in with. For a hen that none of the chicks are intimidated by that would Buffy, and she did commincate to them with mother hen sounds through the door that seperated them from the older hens. Even know I watching the six young ones lying down inside together not to far, probably even though most are bigger than Betsy she at this point is scarier to them than Buffy ever was or will be. Nancy and Misty as the only real dark pullets left will probably bond, and will probably not show any interest in Twinkydink or vice versa. Betsy and Twiggy I hope will make a good pair, even if they are quite different in size. For Twiggy if she ever does show any interest it probably won’t be until after she starts to lay and maybe will settle down a bit. And if Veronica bonds or Edwina tolerates her enough then all the hens at least will have a partner again.

  6. *Even know the six young pullets are lying inside not to far from Buffy, and I think they feel safer near her, while Edwina has the yard mostly to herself, so that intimidating factor is right.

  7. Hello, Veronica! It’s a pleasure to meet you! What a beautiful baby you were, with your little puff tail! We hope we get to hear your gentle chuckle some day!

  8. What a terrific bird to add to a flock. I’m guessing she’s your first.

  9. Is that a goat-bird I see in the run?!? Hee hee!

  10. Such a beautiful little girl chick. Perhaps she wants to be a lap-chick since she follows you around all the time!!

  11. So glad to meet Veronica. From your description of her, it seems she is already one of your favorites; and not without good reason! What I really love about this post, and your response above, is the way you describe her voice. You hear the low bup-bups and melodious tones. Makes me smile.

  12. Very sweet looking girl. She sounds exactly like my blue splash maran, Violet. Same sweet personality, same low bup,bup bup voice. she follows me veryhwere and gets really excited when see shes my husband. i tell him he has a girlfriend haha.. I would definitely have more marans. Thanks for sharing Veronica’s story. I can’t wait to see the posts about the other girls.