Dual-purpose Nesting Box

Phoebe says that the nesting boxes are also climbing structures.

nesting box


Getting in is a fun hop, but getting down takes some gymnastic skill.

getting out


It’s a good thing that refreshments are provided at this playground.



  1. I did not get much done yesterday….I was watching Phoebe catapult herself off her bunny hutch ramp and then hurl herself across the chicken yard, stand up, look around, dig a hole, lay up against the fence with a goat laying up against her on the other side…it was a fun filled day…..:)

  2. She is so very charming. I hope the shelter where you found her tunes in to see how great life is for an outdoor bunny at Little Pond Farm.

  3. Phoebe has the cutest little, dark, socked feet. She also got in Beatrix’s way and Beatrix put her on the move. Beatrix chased her off the pop-door ramp and B wasn’t playing, she meant business. Phoebe quickly, zigged out of the way….. So entertaining!

  4. Too cute.

    Terry like Elizabeth asked you must let us know if the shelter communicates with you.

    • And also an update on the flock at the Nursing Home.

  5. So cute! I think this one is channeling the spirit of Candy. She seems to be developing the same impish sense of humor. I hope she learns how to block the pop door soon!

  6. Pboebe is a most excellent rabbit and a worthy successor of Candy.

  7. Terry,
    You found a great bunny. She is full of joy. I missed seeing Candy everyday. Phoebe is filling that void well.

  8. I was just checking through the cams and found her resting underneath the boxes all alone. I’m sure she is enjoying some peace and quiet!

  9. Sounds like she is doing a great job of filling Candy’s postion!! ;)

  10. Phoebe is very athletic! I watch her zoom and leap, oh my gosh, she is just so adorable!

  11. She is like a tiny tornado whirling around. What a scamp!

  12. I have a bunny living with my hens too. She loves to get up in their nest boxes in the winter.