Phoebe’s House

Phoebe is making full use of all of her housing options. She stays safely closed up in her hutch at night, and then first thing in the morning, runs down her ramp to join the hens. During the course of the day, Phoebe spends time inside the coop, in the compost pile, stretched out on the dirt, and uses her chosen bathroom spot in the corner (given the option, rabbits are very tidy about their business.) Lately, she’s been digging a hole, seemingly just for fun and to keep her toenails worn down. (The hole is not near the fence, so no chance for escape, but we’re keeping an eye on it!)

She also goes in and out of her hutch, where there is hay on the floor, both for eating, and because it’s not good for a bunny’s feet to be on wire. Phoebe also has a cozy box to sleep in. But, on nice days, she uses it as a sleeping porch.

phoebe's house


You never know where you’re going to find her. (She does nibble on the chicken food, but the bulk of her diet is good hay, rabbit pellets and greens from the garden.)



  1. She is a joy to watch. I know you are enjoying her even more than us! What a character!

  2. After falling in love with Candy & missing her, I bought my own bunny. His name is Baxter I got him in April he is about 3 mos old & getting close to being old enough to nueter. I’m so happy with him but he likes to chew on the edges of the wall to wall carpeting. He’s an indoor bunny & plays with the 3 dogs every night for a few hours in our family room. The rest off the day he stays in his “kingdom” in my laundry room in a big (safe) dog crate with all the trimmings. I have planted a bunny garden which he gets fresh greens of all kinds. My question is this: Can I freeze some of the greens (collard greens, cilantro, parsley, carrot greens, kale & brussel sprouts to give him the winter months?

    • Baxter is a great name. The chewing is a real problem. You have to be so careful, as they really, really like live wires. I’ve never frozen greens for the animals, and I don’t think it will work, as mine turn their noses up at anything wilted. I bet, though, that they would like them dried. There’s instructions on the internet for drying herbs in a microwave, or in a very low set oven. I bet that would work.

  3. Cute, it took me a minute to find her. So glad you got a new bunny and she is doing well!

  4. Instead of “Where’s Waldo?” it’s “Where’s Phoebe?” Love it!

  5. Haha, How cute! Love her little ears poking out. What a fun children’s book idea! Like Where’s Waldo? But instead, Where’s Phoebe??

  6. Quite a sweet, precocious little bunny! It looks like she has decided to turn Buffy’s spot under the nesting boxes in little barn into her personal hangout:Buffy seems to have given up on that particular territorial dispute and mostly settles into her second choice spot in the corner under the roosts whenever she wants “alone time” now. It appears that Phoebe and the hens have figured out an amicable co-existence. Do any of the hens ever visit Phoebe’s hutch like Tina and Siouxsie used to do when Candy lived there?

    • It is SO interesting to see the interactions of Phoebe and the hens. The response is not uniform. Old Buffy doesn’t want shenanigans. Phoebe is fascinated by Twinkydink, but the love is not returned. Betsy wants her to GO AWAY, and the young girls just try to stay out of the way.

  7. Have become quite smitten with that Phoebe. She’s lovely. It’s wonderful seeing a bunny again at Little Pond Farm.

  8. I know very little about chickens. (They yawn?! LOL) And even less about bunnies. While the photo, a few posts ago, of Phoebe & Betsy was truly amazing, Phoebe began to riggle her way into my heart with the Buffy & Phoebe picture. There she was, her little bunny self all streeeetched out, ears forward, and you just knew her little nose was busy twitch-twitch-twitching as she investigated Buffy. When I read that Buffy “walked over and pecked Phoebe’s nose.” I laughed out loud despite being in a public place! It gave me such a chuckle in fact, that I use that photo on my electronic tablet as the sign-in page, just so I can see that cute duo each day! I think Phoebe has decided Buffy must be The Chicken in The Know. Therefore, as I watch her appropriating Buffy’s spot under the nesting boxes, I tell myself it is her Homage to Buffy. That is one cute little rascally rabbit!

  9. OHMYGOSH… I am looking forward to the Hencam 2014 calendar! Terry, how will you decide what photos to include! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love reading about everything! But I am in Texas and it is 92 degrees .

  11. Phoebe is paying for her room and board by chasing the little wrens out of the barn! You go girl!