Bird Watching

Steve’s office window looks out onto the backyard. He spends quite a bit of time procrastinating thoughtfully thinking while looking at, and photographing the birds. There’s a lot to see, what with running water, the small pond, surrounding woodlands, bird feeders, and a meadow, there is shelter, food and resources for many species.

There are multitudes of bluebirds. I don’t know where they got that “bluebird of happiness” reputation, because ours are territorial and angry, albeit beautiful, birds.



Goldfinches abound.



Mourning Doves coo all day.



The Great Blue Heron strides across the lawn.



It hunts in the pond.



I don’t like it so near to the Beast. Lily chases it off.



My office looks out the front of the house where I work diligently. However, I have my own distractions. I was wrong about those robins. They do like the neighborhood. They’ve laid eggs.

robin eggs


The robins are sitting on their clutch right now. We’ll see how much work I get done in a couple of weeks when the eggs hatch.


  1. It’s a miracle either one of you get anything done, what with all that beauty around, and Scooter as your work mentor. I think Lily is the only one serious about her work. Give her a raise.

  2. You have a nature sanctuary right outside your windows, how blessed you are!

  3. Thank you for such lovely pictures of your backyard birds. Living all my life in the Pasadena area and having parents and friends (including an old “bird lady” of Pasadena-Altadena who mentored me) who rescued and cared for birds, I’ve never, ever in person seen the beautiful, brightly-colored East Coast birds like the bluebirds, goldfinches, or even cardinals. I envy you! (We do get flocks of colorful wild parrots that fly around and screech and frolic in trees and especially fruit trees.) Most amazing is your photo of the robins’ eggs! So that’s what robin egg blue really is! By the way, speaking of bluebird of happiness, I’ve fed, owned and rescued assorted doves and pigeons throughout my life, and as loving as they are and are great parents, they are not all “doves of peace”. Sweet little white doves can draw blood if provoked! Thanks again.

    • Christina Rose,

      We have goldfinches in So. Cal! Put out a wire mesh tube feeder with nyger seed,
      and they will come!

      Terry, your yard is beautiful!

  4. We have most of those with the exception of the big blue Heron. I think there are a few of those around, but I have yet to see one here. There are some sort of white ones (I think they call them “Cow Birds” here, they follow the livestock around). We also have Purple Martins, several families of Owls, Red Tailed Hawks, Eagles, wild geese and many others.
    I find that our Blue Birds are quite territorial as well. We were told to place our Bluebird boxes far apart for best results. Sadly our Martin boxes never were used…I think because of the Owls.

  5. Sounds about the same here. Since 8am we have been watching birds come to the porch for mealworms. We have Cardinal, Titmice, and Nuthatch parents feverishly feeding young ones. So much commotion, and chattering. Such a good way to start a morning. Maybe we should get after our chores now??

  6. You have some wonderful birds there. They are so much fun to watch. All except the Great Blue Heron, which makes we goats snort. Loudly. :)

  7. I was just wondering if that water thing was part of the pond.
    Beautiful pictures by the way. The heron looks silly just walking on the lawn there.;)
    Thanks again for the wonderful post.

  8. I had a feeling you gave up on those robins too soon. Although, according to my bird nest book, they sometimes build many nests on a long beam or fire escape steps. The book’s author found 13 nests in various stages of construction on a cottage porch beam. Eggs were laid and incubated in only one. Earlier in the season, I thought I saw a chickadee moving into my bluebird box. If true, the bluebirds that usually use it would have been more than annoyed. I’ll have to go check it out (now that it has stopped raining – at least temporarily.)

  9. Such a colourful array of garden birds you have Terry :)

    As lovely as my UK garden visitors are, they are predominately all brown!

  10. Your pond is just beautiful. I have always loved water lilies and yours are so lovely. Steve outdid himself with these pictures. His camera caught a perfect robin’s egg blue. Is there a prettier blue than that? Not in my eyes. You live someplace that you don’t even have to go outside to count your blessings. I’m happy for you, Terry, and your family. The only thing I might be envious over though, is the colors in your daily egg collection. Can’t wait till the young ones start laying. :o)

  11. I live in Missouri, and the Bluebird is our state bird. Great pictures, I sure enjoy all your posts and pictures! Keep up supplying us with happiness thru Hencam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The colour of the robins eggs is so beautiful! Not an original comment I know but I couldn’t help expressing it anyway!

  13. I saw Buffy come flying through the air and land on the ground in a heap with Edwina is hot pursuit. I thought Buffy was dead! Edwina pecked at her head a couple times. I am glad to see Buffy standing again. If Edwina was my chicken I would be packing her bags for a vet procedure called a beakectomy!

    • Is that why I see Edwina in with the Gems? I thought I was seeing things!

        • We’ve all lost our patience with Edwina. She’s been banished and will live with the Gems. More about that soon!

  14. Beautiful! I would procrastinate too! The robin eggs are such a happy sight aren’t they? Hopefully you can snap a few good shots of the lovely little creatures when they hatch!