Two Gone, Five To Go

Yesterday, a nice woman named April came for Mr. Grumpy and the light splash Andalusian.

Mr. G

Blue Andalusian cockerel, 8 weeks


Splash Blue Andalusian Pullet, 8 weeks

April has a flock of Barred Rocks and white hybrids that she planned on running with a rooster. However, her cockerel has already become people-aggressive, which she rightly is not putting up with. Nor should he be re-homed as you shouldn’t pass along a dangerous rooster to another person. He will likely be culled and his feathers used for fly fishing lures. Meek Mr. Grumpy has totally lucked out. He gets a dozen pullets to roam with, and he gets to move there with his favorite flockmate.

Today five pullets are going to the nursing home. I think that this outgoing and friendly Buff Orpington will be a favorite. I’ll be taking photos and telling you about that venture in another post.


I’m looking forward to smaller flock in the Little Barn. I have names picked out, and I’ll update the Who’s Who page soon.


  1. Terry, what wonderful news to start the day with (Pacific Time!) to read about Mr. Grumpy and, I’ll call her, Lady Guinevere. I remember that sweet picture you posted of them sometime ago. I did notice them(?) perching at night together sometimes. I hope they and their new family will live happily ever after!

  2. I always thought he didn’t actually look very grumpy, until I saw your first photo today. He looks truly fed up! I am so glad he is going to a good home, he is beautiful.

  3. Looks great for all. I’m also glad she isn’t using an agressive rooster. He will help out better as he is repurposed. They are truly a beautiful pair and I’m glad they will be together. Looking forward to seeing the new flock at the nursing home. You will feel a great deal of joy when you experience the residence pleasure. Everybody is a winner there! Thanks for sharing your expertise with them.

  4. So, since the Blue Andalusian pair have gone to their new home, does this mean the Ameraucana that you wrote about in your “Listening to the neighbours” blog will be staying on with your flock in the Little Barn?

  5. Looking at the emptying run at the little barn is a little sad. Knowing what Mr. Grumpy and his bride is going too is great! I must admit I’ve been looking forward to the new “who’s who” page and finding out what you name them. That BO is going to make many very happy. Such a nice beginning for all concerned…….

  6. It’s wonderful to hear two can stay together and enjoy another flock experience. My mom was in a nursing care facility here in Oregon for two years and I know the residences will really enjoy watching their new little ones. Was that Twinkydink showing the youngsters how to use the nesting boxes this morning? Thanks again Terry….we will be having another cup of coffee together this weekend.

  7. Once you get the girls settled in at the nursing home and things begin to quiet down for you, maybe you will look for a bunny!?!?

  8. Looks like another one is in the nesting box now…is it Owly…I think she will be the smartest one.

  9. At nearly 10 weeks old my mini-rooster and one hen leave for their new home on Friday morning. Then…. it is “integration day” for the rest of the flock. The chicks and big hens have been eyeing each other through the fence and sleeping together (the chicks are in a dog crate) in the coop since Monday. Today that little rooster has been trying to establish his dominance already with the big hens, with posturing and “fence pecking” going on from both sides. I will be relieved to see him go after observing that!