The Chicks Go Outside

The chicks spent a couple of days of exploring the larger indoor space of the coop. At just over 4 weeks of age, their hard outer feathers were growing in. The weather warmed up. A breeze, if there was one at all, was gentle. It was time for the chicks to go outside. I put the Old Girls in the goat paddock where they could see the chicks, but not physically interact. I opened up the pop-door. The chicks peered out. They scurried back into the safety of the brooder. They came back into the larger coop. No one was going to be the first brave chick to go outside, and so I picked up a couple of chicks and set them down on the ramp. They looked around, amazed at the sunshine and then sallied forth. I sent them all out to see the great, wide world.

coming out

As hesitant as they were to go into the unknown, they quickly became enthusiastic explorers.

They scaled the compost mountain and spread out across this new terrain.

manure pile

I put food and water within reach, as chicks have to eat and drink frequently, and I didn’t think they’d be able to find their way back to the brooder. Also, like children at a playground, they needed a reminder to stay hydrated. Their familiar water dispenser would do that. Despite the excitement, their appetites remained intact.

food and water

Buffy watched, briefly,


but was soon bored by the chicks and spent companionable time in the shade with her friends.


The chicks soon became comfortable enough to preen,


and dust bathe. This Buff Orpington found a dust wallow in the corner.

bo dust bath

Unfortunately for her, the other chicks decided to join her. She’s under that pile, but no worse for the company.

pile up

The chicks tasted new things,


ran, scratched, and dozed off in the sun. So mature at only 30 days old! But, still quite a bit of growing left to do.

black star


  1. Great pics. No. 5 looks like a calendar pic. Friends at Little Pond. Amazes me how fast they grow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t believe how much they have grown up already! What an exciting day for them all.

  3. It is so interesting to watch the interchange between young and old…and the difference in moving about. Boy are those little ones fast. Love Owly! Have you started selecting favorites that you want to keep?

  4. Great pictures! We had 80 degree weather yesterday, and now 40’s and 50’s!
    Hopefully Spring is here to stay!

    • Lucky you! 97 here. And wildfires all over the place. Ugh

  5. I hope you realize that you have a great kids book just with these pictures and the captions. I LOVE the picture with Buffy and my friend the goat – sorry I can’t tell them apart. Such fun to read. Thanks.

  6. When will the chicks start residing and roosting in the little barn with Buffy, Twinkydink, Edwina, and Betsy?

    • They’ll have access to the brooder until fully feathered out and able to stay warm without the heat lamp. It depends on the weather here and their maturity. As you can see some are feathering up faster than others.

  7. Wonderful pics and informative captions as usual. Great to see their progress, thankyou x

  8. Whoever came up with the phrase: eat like a bird, never had chickens.

  9. Oh Terry, I just love these photos and your words. You make me smile!

  10. Hallo terry, i like your photos to and thank you and gr. from germany ♡ marianne

  11. Lovely photos. Your little dominique chick makes me feel so nostalgic for when mine were at this stage last year. I used to think she looked a bit like a baby robin and now yours looks so familiar to me with the short tail and little beak. It’s like stepping back in time for me, you soon forget how little they were once they are feisty grown up girls! It’s lovely to watch it all unfolding (or should I say blossoming) once again.