Hally Jolivette Cherry

It was a late spring here, but this week has more than made up for it. Perfect blue-sky weather. Buds are greening up. Flowers are unfurling. In the springtime, the prettiest tree in my yard is the Hally Jolivette Cherry. It’s moment of glory is ephemeral. The blossoms blow off in the slightest wind. But it’s been calm. It’s been sunny. There’s something both elegant and happy about this tree. It’s what a wedding gown should look like.

Here is a view across the pond. (Do you see the Beast in the foreground?)

pond view

Walk closer and this is what you’ll see. Such delicate white blooms with hints of pink and yellow. This photo doesn’t show the bees, but bees there are!


Hally Jolivette Cherry

Get as close as you can and look at the details.


This was a springtime worth waiting for.


  1. Been watching the chicks run around with Edwina, Twinkydink, Buffy and Betty. Looks peaceful, though I think I did see Betty chase one of the chicks. Did Betty get all puffed up her deceased friend Coco when she met the bullying Fake Opal rooster, two years ago, and chest bump anyone ? Also looks like Buffy is in doesn’t care mode of who is running around, even if a few of the chicks are her exact coloring.
    Cherry Blossoms are lovely, I have always wanted to go to the see the ones in Washington DC.

      • It might be peaceful but the chicks certainly know to get out of Edwina’s way if she comes near them. Though with Buffy they will get closer to her, so she must not seem as scary, or domiant to them at that age.

  2. A gorgeous tree! Great pic of the pond and all the goldfish, so many. It’s what I’ll call mantis season here. There are preying mantis babies everywhere. They especially love hanging out on my potato plants. Even found one taking a ride on our dog, Lucy.

  3. That tree is a show stopper! Lovely with the pond in the foreground.

  4. The pond is so clear! Do you do anything to keep it so clear?

    That tree is quite spectacular! I like how the blossoms are two-different tones. Here is S.California, we’re already past the blossoming of the ornamental pears, but we have the lilac-colored jacarandas to look forward to.

    • The pond has a natural filtration system. I never use chemicals. The water is pumped through two feet of gravel that is planted with water celery (the goats love it) and that acts like a natural wetland. Also, the goldfish and koi eat algae.

  5. Breathtaking tree! Yes, we have the lovely lavender May Jacarandas that line streets in Pasadena, South Pasadena, CA, but I’ve never seen such beautiful blossoms like this up close.
    Silly question, maybe…are the chicks starting to form attachments and hanging out with others–making friends?

    • Not silly. I’m waiting to see the bonds that form. Their personalities are just becoming more obvious. More posts on that soon.

  6. What a lovely scene. It makes you want to just stop and breathe a prayer of thankfulness for the beauty and lessons of grace found in nature.

    • I’m glad that you can appreciate it, even though there are no peanuts in sight. The goat boys try to sneak mouthfuls of the blossoms, but I don’t let them.

  7. Thanks so much for the lovely blooms. We are having a rare May snowstorm. 10 inches so far…somewhere there are pansys under that wet, heavy snow!