1. TEAM BUFFY! Thanks for all the fantastic updates and photos Terry!

  2. Buffy looks like she’s totally enjoying herself being with the young girls. How sweet that she’s found a whole bunch of new friends!

  3. Buffy is the perfect chaperone. She’s a gentle soul, but her size must put a little fear of The Chaperone in their little pullet minds…

  4. Mr. Grumpy ain’t no dummy! Sorry about my bad grammar there but the look on his face is priceless. Buffy looks like she is enjoying all of the activity at the Com Post Worm and Bug Soda Shop. Now all they need is a jukebox.

  5. So cute. I guess you didn’t sell your pair of andulasians. I wish I lived closer and had the space. I have really enjoyed watching the chicks!

  6. The “young ins” and the “elder”. A lot to learn here! So happy to see Miss Buffy!

  7. Aunt Buffy does seem to be enjoying watching the younger generation, and they don’t seem to be annoying her. Maybe her mellow, serene presence will serve as some kind of maternal role model that they didn’t get starting out.

  8. Is one of those chicks a Golden Spangled Hamburg? It really looks like one :)

    • There are four Ameracaunas, each gorgeous and individual in appearance. Several have gorgeous dark-caramel colored feathers. It will be hard to decide which ones to sell.

      • Ameracaunas are my favorite – they have the BEST personalities!!!

  9. Yes, Mr. Grumpy… listen to wise counsel. Buffy is truly wise. She will lead you on the right path to a good and long life.