1. Great insight! We should always be thankful for the gifts that are yet to come!
    Happy Mother’s Day, Terry!

  2. I love slow food the best of all….especially fruit!! In my desperation to protect my precious Blueberry bushes from the hungry Hens, I wrapped a page-wire fence around them and in the process, knocked all the flower buds off one bush. Oh well…….there`s always next year.

  3. Happy Mothers Day, Ms. Terry! Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Hello Terry! Love your pictures!
    I have a question or comment. I live in the west coast so right now it’s 8:11pm – 11:11pm your time – I checked your chick cam and see all your chicks up and about eating happily, should they be sleeping? Is it because you leave the lights on?
    I am sure they are not lacking any sleep, so not worried just curious?)

    • It’s still too cold at night for them to sleep with the heat lamp off, and so they do keep busy at night. But, they are masters at napping, so are getting plenty of sleep. Studies do show that it’s best for chickens (like the rest of us) to have lights out and get rest, but the warmth trumps that for now. In less than two weeks I’ll remove the lamp.

  5. Do you cover your blueberry bushes? While I wait for mine to grow, ( mine are too young to bear fruit) I am on call from my brother to come pick his before the blue jays get them all. lol

    • I tried covering them. One year I used the bird netting sold for this purpose. Three little wild birds got tangled up and died in it. I’ll not use it again. I’ve also tried the white fabric cloth, but the chipmunks made their way underneath. So, I planted more bushes and hope that there will be some berries left for me.

      • Regarding the blueberry problem, I’d heard of people planting a mulberry, which is supposed to be more appealing to the wildlife than other berries and fruit.

        I was wondering about the rhubarb- is that pretty low maintenance? And I was surprised to see strawberries already appearing!

        • It’s strawberry picking time now here in central North Carolina. We’ve had a cool spring this year so the strawberries are about 2 weeks later than normal. Maybe I’ll get some this year.

        • Rhubarb is a perennial that is easy to care for. Weed and mulch and it keeps coming back. Love it. Mulberries are incredibly messy trees. Yummy fruit that splatters and stains on everything. Also, we’re at the very tip of it’s range.

          • Yeah, I’ve made the mistake of parking under a mulberry tree a couple of times…the shady parking place wasn’t worth the mess not only on my car but stuck to my shoes :-P
            I think the type we have in CA are from China, but I’ve read that there’s a native mulberry as well.

  6. My chickens keep eating my rhubarb so no tart this year. But I have my strawberries in a fortress of chicken wire so at least there will be some for me. :-) Lovely pictures!

    • Rhubarb leaves are toxic, so I’d put chicken wire around that, too. Anyway, I’d never sacrifice my rhubarb pies to the girls!