Caper, Full View

Most of you have only seen the goats via the GoatCam, which means that you rarely see the whole goat. You see their noses.


And you see their butts.

I thought you might like to see a side portrait. Here is Caper.

side view

He weighs 95 pounds. He’s big for a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat wether, but he’s not full-sized either (those can top 150 pounds.) Caper is not fat (see yesterday’s post.)

I don’t have a side view of Pip. Sometimes, all that I see are noses, too.

Pip nose


  1. Their coats are always lovely, Terry! Do you give them baths; and if so, how do they like getting bathed?

    • No baths (not to say they don’t need them!) Goats hate to get wet, and bathing wouldn’t make them healthier or happier, so I leave them be. I do have to trim their hooves every other month or so, and that’s plenty of excitement.

  2. Nice to see their beards growing in again even if they are squared off from their frosty trim this past winter. No matter which view I see I am totally smitten!

  3. When your face is that cute, who needs the rest of it?

    • Not so dainty when stepping on my feet. Which they seem to do a lot. On purpose? They’re sneaky, those goats.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Terry. Can’t wait to find out what you get this year. Hope you enjoy the day with loved ones!

  5. Such handsome boys!! Does trimming their hooves involve goat wrestling? Is this what has caused your arm problems?

    • I use “clicker training,” Steve has them touching a target stick. Helps to keep them in one place. Sort of. Way better than wrestling them. The on-going shoulder issue is from cooking professionally years ago.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day, Terry! Love the handsome goats photos.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day, Terry! Thanks for hencam…….

  8. How cute! They always appear to stay pretty clean. Siouxsie however is sporting a muddy pouf today!

  9. Those two are so photogenic. Caper seems to be posing for the cam. Good close-up of Pip. I see you rubbing his chest. Hope you had a very nice Mother’s Day.