Listening to the Neighbors

A maple tree grows at the back of the Little Barn. A family of robins has moved in. They are quarrelsome and loud, and often have spats directly overhead.

The chicks aren’t afraid of them, but it is rather like having a neighbor that you’d like to ignore, but can’t. The drama is simply too compelling to pretend that it’s not there.

This Ameracauna pullet stopped in her tracks to listen.


She’ll be going with Mr. Grumpy to a new home on Tuesday. Perhaps to a more peaceful neighborhood?


  1. I wish she were coming to my home. What a truely magnificent hen. So beautiful.

  2. I can’t imagine any place more peaceful than Little Pond Farm! Too soon the robins will grow and fledge and the hens will look to other forms of entertainment.

  3. On the subject of the local wildlife/birds, would it be wise to have the soil tested before I construct my hen house and run area for any bad organisms? I hope this doesn’t sound like a real stupid question!

    • I wouldn’t bother. Unless you are siting the run right where a wild bird feeding station had been for years there’s unlikely to be any issues there right now. If the property had been used for chickens, then I might check for coccidia. But, if it’s new to a flock, you’re fine.

  4. She is beautiful. I’ll miss seeing this one on the hencam.

  5. Your chickens are truly beautiful. Please take pictures of the 6 girls who are going to the Retirement Home along with their new families (if photos are o.k.)
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. She is a lovely colour. I have two banty vorwerks and they are the same striking colour except the body is the golden colour and neck, tail and spots on the back are black.

  7. A little off topic although she is beautiful, I was wondering if you ever considered having sheep? I can’t wait to see the hens in their new home. I’ve kept your photo of “Hands”. It’s a good photo to have for days when you are feeling down. It brings life back into focus, the little joys we forget to stop and see.

    • I’ve a friend with sheep, and after she met my goats she decided to get some for herself. Now she’s switching her flock to goats. I don’t have enough space for all the lovely animals. Goats fit here nicely, and they’re my favorites.