Mr. Grumpy’s Reprieve

Lucky Mr. Grumpy. One of my readers has a young flock that she’d like to free-range with a rooster. Her 6 week old cockerel is already showing signs of bossiness and aggression. She’s smart to recognize that he won’t be a nice animal to live with. Mr. Grumpy, however, appears to be just the sort of mellow fellow to have in a backyard.

Mr. G

It can be a challenge to integrate only one bird into an established flock. Two is easier. So, this stunningly beautiful Ameracauna is going with Mr. Grumpy. I’m hoping that she’ll lay bright blue eggs for her new owner.


They’ll be picked up on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday five of the remaining chicks will go to the nursing home (much more about that next week!) That will leave six here. I’ve no idea yet what I’ll name them. You’ve given me too many good ideas!

For those of you in the States, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Much gratitude to those of you, and your family members, who have served this country in the military.


  1. So glad they’re going to a good home! They’re both beautiful birds

  2. I am so glad you found Mr. Grumpy a new home. I would taken him if I had room for him and if I could have him here in the city, which I can’t. Very good news for him and you. Of course, the Ameracauna would have had no problem finding a home, and now she’ll have a new one.

  3. Isn`t it great when things all fall into place like that…….Have a very nice weekend, Terry!

  4. I’m very happy for Mr. Grumpy (and his little friend) for finding a new home. I hope he gets a new name as well.

  5. He is so handsome. I felt confident Mr. Grumpy would get a home. Terry, I am ruined. I am sold on the Ameracaunas and am completely satisfied with my little flock, except I don’t have an Ameracauna. Love my new girls. I’m already thinking how I could fit another chicken in my coop. I just have to have an Ameracauna. Somehow next Spring I’m going to find a way to get one. Your Ameracaunas are just gorgeous. I tried to make my coop like your little barn, but that didn’t work. However, my coop is just beautiful. My door has too much orange in it. But it also has an egg shaped window. Hubby did a fine job. Hope you and your family have a great Memorial Day.

      • I will, but I don’t know your email. When I click on “Contact Terry” it says I don’t have something or other to see the window. :o(

        • I’m buying you a cup of coffee Monday, and I usually get a kind message from you when I do. Maybe you could send me your email address then?

  6. Glad Mr Grumpy has found a good home. But I am sorry to see that gorgeous Ameracauna go. I am a sucker for blue/green eggs (and Pip, of course). But if they make a good pair to ease the integration it must be. Trust it will all work out well.

  7. Good for Mr. Grumpy! It just goes to prove that good manners are worth cultivating (especially if you are a rooster). I grew up with two big RIR roosters named Bosco and Cockleburr; you can guess how much fun they were! Speaking of roosters, do you ever hear how Opie is doing? He was such a very handsome fellow! I was glad to hear that his “sister” Opal did so well on her trip to meet the school children. She is my idea of how a chicken should look (sorry Siouxie)

    • Opie is doing just fine. He’s the only boy in a large, free-ranging flock. He’s a gentlemen with the humans. Lucky boy.

  8. Yeah for Mr. Grumpy & his cute Ameracauna friend :) Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  9. How did Mr. Grumpy get his name? Somehow I missed that chapter.

  10. Glad to hear they have a new home. What is she going to do with her existing cockerel?

  11. I’m so happy Mr. Grumpy gets to have a happy life with a flock of his own. He won the chicken lottery when somebody at McMurray picked him up and plopped him in the box marked for you. Otherwise, who knows what would have been his fate. Lucky, lucky boy indeed.

    How does the dynamic work with introducing two rather than one? I’ve never heard anything about that.

    Wishing a wonderful Memorial Day weekend to everyone, and THANK YOU to all who serve, and those who have served our country.

    • The established flock will attack the lone chicken. But, two chickens that come together already identify themselves as a flock and will have a different attitude, and the others, although they’ll still harass them, won’t go after them the same as they do a solitary hen. It will still be challenging, but less so. My FAQ about introducing a new hen to the flock has suggestions about how to ease the transition.

      • Thank you. I’ll check the FAQ. Also, I’d forgotten that two chickens make a flock. I’ll tuck that one away for the future.

  12. “How odd that the button doesn’t work for you”. I get the same message. I think you can type Terry’s address into your regular mail you use and reach her that way. Anyway, glad to see Grumpy gets a good home, but will miss the Ameracauna. Had one once, named Cheeks, and just loved her, so sweet.

  13. Thanks Diane, love the name Cheeks for an Ameracauna. So fitting!

  14. Beautiful birds. I am glad Mr Grumpy is getting a new home. Thanks for your updates. I am so into your blogs. I check them every day.

  15. I am SO glad that someone was able to see beyond the Mr. Grumpy moniker.

  16. Off topic, but names…what about children’s book authors? Margaret Wise Brown, Beatrix Potter, Judy Blume, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Kate DiCamillo, Johanna Hurwitz, Terry Golson- to name a few.

  17. Beatrix! Perfect name for my new Ameracauna pullet. Thanks, I was just sitting here naming my 7 new pullets.
    I named her smaller sister Harriet. Have fun naming them all Terry!

  18. Hoping we might get an update sometime in the future about how Mr. Grumpy and friend are doing in their new home. It sounds perfect. Thanks!

  19. I found a nice home with a friend for my Araucana Bantam chick/rooster. He also seems like a nice gentle soul (my granddaughter named him “Sunshine”) and has beautiful black and white feathers, but I don’t have room for more chicks in my hen house anytime soon so the rooster needed a home. With him is going a pure black pullet that I named Onyx. She is a crabby sort and has pecked me one too many times when I put my hand into the crate to add food and water! It has been raining heavily here for over a week (over 5 inches!) and when she can’t go outside she sits in the crate and screeches. Good luck to my friend with that one! lol.

  20. Glad dear old Mr G’s going to a new home with a friend.
    Just a few words IN PRAISE OF ROOSTERS!!!…
    I have Bertie, who keeps watch over my flock (9 hens) in a double-sized run plus every afternoon free-ranging in our garden.
    He’s a perfect gentleman (most of the time! Lol), finding tasty bits of food for his ladies and generally keeping order.
    I can’t remember the last time I had any aggression within the flock, even though there are several strong characters in there!
    I’m sure he influences the “politics” amongst the ladies and hope he has a few years in him yet! (Bertie was hatched by one of my original 4 hens in 2008, so is now nearly 5 yrs old.)
    PS I have 2 blue egg layers… It’s like my birthday every day! Even my husband gets a buzz when he finds a blue one amongst the creams and browns of the Light Sussex eggs!
    PPS Can’t wait to hear about the care home flock!