A Charming Coop Door

I’m always pleased to hear that what I do inspires others. One of my readers, Jennifer, has a new flock and her talented and capable husband is building her a coop. She’s been reading my blog for chicken care advice, but has also come away with decorating ideas. It makes me smile to think that coops all over the world are now sprouting ladies room signs. (BTW, I copied my friend, Wendy, who put a loo sign up on her coop, so I can’t claim credit for the original idea.)


Jennifer’s coop will have a side area for storage, and the coop itself is large enough to walk right in. I approve!


Jennifer also liked the red door on my Little Barn. But, I have to say that she did it one better. Just look at this – an egg-shaped window! So, so charming!


Now, all this coop needs are chickens. I hear that they’ll be moving in soon.

One other reader photo for you – I got an update on Beryl and Topaz, my broody Buff Orpingtons that were handed off to a HenCam viewer who doesn’t mind broody Orpingtons. Kim lives near the ocean in Maine, and perhaps the sea salt fresh air has cured the girls, because they haven’t gone broody since their move. Or, perhaps it’s that they’re in a smaller flock with a lot of space and interesting things to do. In any event, they look great and they’re laying eggs. Here’s Beryl with one of her new friends.


It’s finally stopped raining here, and my girls will be getting a nice long outing while I spread compost in the pumpkin patch. I’ve already done my Memorial Day shopping. Agway was having a sale, 20% off one item. I got the broom that I’ve wanted for awhile. When I was a teenager I went to riding school in England. Every day we swept the stable yard. First thing in the morning, we stable girls would scramble for the best brooms. Some girls tried to hide the good ones, and if you were stuck with one of the brooms worn to a nub, it made chores ever so difficult. That experience certainly made me appreciate a broom with full bristles and bounce. To this day, a new broom in my hand makes me feel happy. What’s making you happy today?



  1. Sitting on the porch here in TN enjoying a coffee and all the birds calling. Wanting to Thank all our Service Men and Women here and around the world….for the opportunity to do it. Freedom is not free it comes with a price. Remember them all this Memorial Day.

  2. That is a great door! Beautiful craftsmanship! My joy today will be using my new sifter that my son made me yesterday. It is hardware cloth on a square frame to make cleaning our sand floor chicken run easier and I won`t be composting as much sand. It is only 6.30 a.m. here right now so that chore will have to wait while I also enjoy my coffee and `imagine` it.

  3. Finally the sun is shining here, that is making me happy! I am turning my back on the 13.2 inches of new snow on Mt. Mansfield up the road.

  4. I’m off to the nursery to buy some more plants to replace the ones the hens have dug up. Last weekend I bought a bunch of 4′ and 5′ lengths of welded wire. I rolled each into a big ring shape and used zip ties to fasten shut and I set those over the tops of my more delicate or tasty plants to give them a fighting chance around my hens busy feet and hungry beaks.

  5. I too have a special broom. It’s a handmade, finely crafted, Amish broom. It’s only to be used for special purposes inside the house, such as Christmas tree needles or a broken glass. I treasure my broom. At the rate that I’m using it, I think I should have it included in my Will. I love that broom!

  6. I’d like to borrow Jennifer’s hubby for a while, as I’ve got some chicken-related carpentry chores to get done. Would you please pass on the message to Jennifer? ;)

    And to Kitty, my advice: Life is short. USE THAT BROOM! Enjoy having a great tool. Use it and buy another in the future if you have to. I bought an Amish broom at a recent farm conference and it went into the chicken coop!

    • Haha Carol, he’s all yours as soon as he finishes my coop.. ;o)

  7. I am feeling very happy that it has FINALLY stopped raining, the sun is shining and I have been able to get my baby chicks into the yard with the “big girls.” They will be separated by an interior fence for a few days and sleep in the coop in the dog crate until the time is right. So far I see lots of curiosity on the part of both groups, such as running to the fence and taking a good close look at each other. Crossing my fingers for an uneventful integration!

  8. You’ll think I’m crazy but I’m so happy for fog here on the California coast as I get ready to spend a week in the Tucson heat…for now, fog is lovely for Memorial Day.
    Thanks for the update & so happy the girls are doing well at their new home!

  9. I like that broom. Color is great. What makes me happy is coming to a site that teaches newbies something as old as time and doing it the right way. When we run up on a glich to our chicken plans, Doc,(hubby) says, “What does Terry say about it? Thanks Terry for helping us with our chicken experience and making Doc a happy man today. I also want to thank all military people for their time and sacrifice for us. Happy Memorial Day to all…….

  10. There is not a chicken in sight in the big barn but the ones in the little barn are on their roost.

      • I saw Buffy in the corner. She looked quite content. The younger chickens were jumping on and off the roost. They are all so funny and a delight to watch.

        • This was the first night that all of them got on the roost without my having to put a few up there (the Delaware and the Orpington had been sleeping on the floor.) So pleased with them!

  11. What a beautiful coop! It is lovely to hear that Beryl and Topaz are going well.

  12. The sun is shining, I have only 2 more days of teaching before summer, and I finally have a plan for the big, odd-shaped area in my vegetable garden. Now to work!