Dr. Sarah Stops By

Yesterday Dr. Sarah came to give the goats their annual shots.

Hello Boys, said Dr. Sarah.

Pip smiled. Caper wagged his tail.


The Goat Maid said, Dr. Sarah, please be honest with me. Do you think that the goats are overweight?

Dr. Sarah felt behind Pip’s elbows. I can feel a rib, she said.

Dr. Sarah felt along Caper’s back. I can feel the hipbone, she said.

She felt Pip’s belly. He does still have a thick winter coat, she said, and stood up.

These goats are not fat, said Dr. Sarah.

Pip looked at Caper. That’s what I told the Goat Maid, he said.

So did I, said Caper.

Do you think that the Goat Maid will feed us more? said Pip.

No, said Caper. The Goat Maid doesn’t listen.

She never does, does she? said Pip.

The goat boys watched Dr. Sarah’s truck disappear down the driveway.

But we could try asking again, said Pip.

Let’s, said Caper. You never know.

boys talking


  1. The boys are awesome. What would your life, or ours be without them? Such entertainment. Thanks for goat cam and the updates.

  2. What, no shots of the shots? Did they charm Dr. Sara so much that she forgot?

  3. Lol, just delightful. What handsome boys they are and good patients!

  4. I LOVE Pip and Caper. I wish you would make a children’s book about them using your photographs. You could do it in your copious spare time (:

  5. The boys hatching another plan for a ration increase! The looks on their faces says it all.

  6. What do they get for shots – do they need rabies shots?

  7. That was hilarious!..Terry..you need to do a book just like the conversation you just wrote in your blog….Pip and Caper trying to get the Goat Maid to do things…..like more food…opening the gate…letting them in the house etc…..I am telling you..it would be adorable!

  8. Oh..I forgot to tell you my favorite man (besides my husband) came to the house….When he comes it is like a visit from the Pope….Graciano the sheep shearer showed! He sheared Pasco the llama, he got his hooves trimmed, wormed, and all his shots….Graciano is VERY busy so when he shows up you stop whatever you are doing to accomodate him! Now Pasco is all clean and cool for summer.

  9. Pip and Caper are the cutest! How did they get their names?

  10. ADORABLE! I wonder Terry, do you have the same veterinarian for all your animals or does Dr. Sarah specialize in large animals?

    • She does both dogs and large animals. I’m quite fortunate to have a vet that does house calls for goats!

  11. Hi All – to answer the questions: the shots are for 1) rabies, 2) CD&T which protect against two dangerous bacteria and also tetanus.

  12. They’re just too adorable. I’ll bet they DO talk to each other when you’re not around!!

  13. These two are just so cute and loveable. I like their facial expressions; they say it all. Glad the boys are okay.

  14. Will you give your new girls a vaccine for fowl pox. I have been wanting to ask you this for a long time and this seems to be the right blog…

    • No. It’s a closed flock and they won’t be exposed. Also, unlike coccidia and Marek’s, fowl pox is rarely fatal. It’s ugly and reduces productivity, but it’s not on my list of worries for my group.