Andalusian Pair

To meet breed standard, Andalusians must be dark grey. However, even if both parents are the color of slate, only half of their offspring will have those coveted feathers. The rest will be mottled, dove grey, or even white. Of my three Andalusian chicks, one is very pretty and has dark feathers, but she does have white splotches on her head. The other two are a lovely pale grey. One is a cockerel. I call him Mr. Grumpy.


The other female matches him in color.


Andalusian pullet

They like each other.


I would like to sell them as a pair. So far, Mr. Grumpy has been a mild-mannered gentleman. But, no guarantees. He’s sure to be loud, after all, he’ll mature into a large and hormone-driven rooster. Still, I think that for someone who wants a rooster, he’ll make a good addition to your flock.

I’ll sell the two together for $20. Please email me if interested.

(Steve took the photos.)


  1. Beautiful pair! Steve is not only an MIT geek (yours words, not mine) but a fantastic photographer.

  2. I have an Andalusian that looks similar to yours. Course, she’s fully grown. White with a grey feather here and there and her neck feather have lots of yellow in them. She has a BEAUTIFUL red comb that wiggles when she cruises around. She’s VERY curious and comes right up to me and just seems to hang on my ever word. But does not want to be touched or held. But she’ll take treats out of my hands no problem. And even though she’s down on the pecking order, will stand her ground against my alpha Jersey Giant. I’ve even seen her take stuff right out of the JG’s beak and NO one else will do that. Not even me. She lays 6-7 days a week. And is a great asset to the flock.

    I can’t take these and certainly not a rooster. But for anyone not familiar w/ the breed or considering Andalusian’s, I’m sooo glad I got them. They crack me up every day.

  3. hi steve,

    I like to buy Mr grumpy and his partner. Unfortunately I am 20.000kms away from you.(India)

    I like your website which features live animals. You are doing a wonderful job.

    • Oh, I’m sure they would like to live in India where there isn’t any snow :)
      (BTW, Steve is my husband. I’m Terry, and I write this blog.)

  4. they are beautiful and i am glad you are selling them together….they make a cute little couple :) i would love to own a roo, but my neighbors wouldn’t take very kindly to that. even with the free eggs. ;)

  5. Lol I love Owly too. There’s another Ameracauna she has that is so pretty also. Mr. Grumpy and his bride are beautiful.. Would love to have them, but I’m chicken out. Coop can’t hold anymore. Good Luck Terry, as pretty as these two are shouldn’t have any trouble.

  6. If you post this more than once, the word will get out and you’ll be mobbed with local New Englanders that would be overjoyed to get this truly gorgeous pair of young birds raised properly in the most healthful environment possible for pen chickens. Your price of $20 is modest, to say the least.

  7. Nice job Steve!!! What lovely birds – and they look so happy together. Can’t wait to hear that you’ve sold them to another good home.

  8. I hope you find a home for them Terry..They are really beautiful….Sorry you ended up with a roo..there always seems to be one in the batch!

  9. I was wondering what the bands on the legs are for. I know with some of your chickens it’s for identification. So glad to hear you are keeping Owly.

    • Ok, I see Mr. Grumpy is only one wearing one, so again, must be for identification. I’ve seen many chickens with bands on their legs and always wondered what the purpose of it was.

  10. Off topic but why is there a yellow stool in the old girls run?

  11. Glad that you are keeping Owly. If worses comes to worse, you can always sell them to the people who took your last rooster. Opie was a bully as a chick but he turned out to be a fine rooster any way. I was wondering by my calculations I determined that you will be keeping nine chicks for yourself correct ?

  12. So could Mr. Grumpy and his bride have slate colored chicks? Or is slate the regressive gene? They are beautiful birds and Steve has got talent. I hope you find a good home for the pair. We had a roo in our chicks last year and I was so sad to have to give him away.

    • I need to get little fake manes and tails, put them on and do a photoshoot. That would be so funny! (For those who don’t get the joke, Andalusian is also a breed of horse.)

  13. Absolutley stunning.. Terry I bought those same leg bands only larger, are they expandable, Or will they eventually cut circulation off if not replaced with larger. I hess i am asking are they suppose to be loose or fitting?

  14. In answer to all of the blue legband questions: I had a buyer for the 2 Andalusians and so put legbands on them to make sure that if I wasn’t home that the right birds would go to the buyer. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to take them so they’re still here. (Any other takers?) The bands are made for birds and are only somewhat expandable. These will have to be removed as the chicks mature as they are not large enough for the full-sized hens. If you have two hens of the same breed, I recommend putting a band on one (I do this for Garnet and Ruby, for example) and then you can tell who is who from a distance.

    • Thank you for answering, I have two RIR on the way. This tip will help if they don’t have any prominant marks to tell them apart.

  15. thank you, I bought leg bands, and banded my 5 red sex links and 2 leghorns they all have fancy anklets I bought the same type the andulusians have…. I almost got a video of my Polish hen crowing yesterday but as soon as I put the camera on her she stopped…