The Buffs’ New Home

Almost exactly two years ago I got a box of chicks in the mail. Happy Birthday, girls! Of those chicks, three were Buff Orpingtons. All of the chicks were named after Gems and these three became Amber, Beryl and Topaz. Amber is my ideal hen. She is friendly, calm and beautiful. During the season, she lays an egg about every other day. I take her to meet classrooms full of children who pet her. Beryl and Topaz are also beautiful. But they are also broody. All the time.

in boxes

This is what they look like if you deign to remove them from their nests.


Here is a close-up of beautiful, broody Beryl.

Broody Beryl

Unlike her sister, Amber, I cannot take this chuffed-up hen to storytimes. Nor does she lay eggs. It’s not a big deal to have a couple of useless broodies taking up space. I have enough nesting boxes.

But, a lovely woman named Kim loves Buff Orpingtons, broodiness and all. She also has a coop large enough to accommodate their quirks. Kim came to my Chicken Keeping Workshop last year so I know that she knows what she’s doing. Yesterday Kim and her friend, Diane, drove down from Maine to take my two Orps. She said hello to Agatha. From this photo you can tell she’s a good chicken person.


She gathered up Beryl.


We carried the hens to the crate in her car.

in arms

Off the hens went to their new home. Kim lives near the ocean, so the hens will have cool breezes to keep them comfortable, even if they stay broody all summer. But, it looks like the change in scenery just might get them up and out and active.

They immediately took dust baths.

dust bathing

Then they surveyed their new realm.

on woodpile

Beryl and Topaz are in the right place for them, and now I have the space to keep a couple more of the new chicks!


  1. So happy for everyone! Glad more chicks can stay, too.

  2. Awe, I’m going to miss them. But I’m so glad you found such a perfect place for them. Maybe Kim will indulge them and let them raise some babies. I let my broody BO raise babies last year and OMG, cuteness!!! She was an awesome mama too.

  3. Kim looks so happy, like a child with a new toy. So much going on at Little Pond Farm. I can’t wait for the new bunny!

  4. Awww. Terry you know how to spin a story and bring tears to ones eyes. They are such beautiful hens. Glad this story has a great ending. Bless all of you at Little Pond and Kim also. Can’t wait to see which chicks you keep and the new stories they will bring. Looks like Siouxsie’s story is never ending. :) This has made my day……

  5. That is wonderful! The remaining GEMS will be at ease with the broody gals gone? Thank you Terry for the wonderful photos you provided with the blog. I would like to say Best Wishes to Beryl and Topaz and I’m sure they will enjoy their new home, sounds AND looks like a wonderful place!

  6. So glad to see a happy ending for all. They look so happy and at home already in the last photo. It’s nice to see them looking “normal” again instead of puffed up and wild eyed.

  7. Siouxsie gave me a chuckle earlier when she appeared to be asking the goaties to open the gate and let her in! She kept strolling past the ladies of the Little Barn.

  8. You have such pretty chickens i would love to get a few but i have no were to keep them. I could try to build a coop but im not sure

    • I’ll do a Souxsie update next week. All is fine! The Gems are actually quite nice to her and are accommodating such an annoying bird without bloodshed. They let her dust bathe, eat, etc. If Siouxsie would pay attention to chicken body language, though, she’d have an easier time.

  9. Pretty gals! I just had a welsummer broody. You faqs were great she went into the broody pen for 3 days and now she is back to normal. now one of my little belgian d’uccles is broody. So funny to see these little tiny ladies get all puffed up. I knw your two buffs will have a great new home. I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful site.